Puppeteer gamescom 2013 – Interview Q&A

Check out the extensive information we gathered from our Puppeteer Q and A session with Game Director Gavin Moore at gamescom.

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Dianne1938d ago

Really looking forward to getting this.

mewhy321938d ago

This game looks great and what a unique idea. Just another example of Sony's 1st party developers having the industry's most original and interesting ideas. What a great time to be a Sony gamer.

NukaCola1938d ago (Edited 1938d ago )

This looks like a game that will be under appreciated now but looked back upon in a year as one of the most innovative platform titles of this gen. I am so excited to get this and am in awe that the attention to detail of each frame is so well thought out. No two areas are the same. This is truly a visionary title. I hope all the best for Puppeteer. Day one for me.

Minato-Namikaze1938d ago

Basically its gonna be ICO and SOTC then, lol.

ArchangelMike1938d ago

I downloaded the demo and my kids absolutely loved it. They were immediately drawn in. It's quite dark in both style and theme. But the theatrical aspects of it, with the reaction of the audience - the 'ooohs' and 'aahhhs', really work well to capture the imagination and somehow break the forth wall.

We played through the demo loads of times. I pre-ordered. Just because it is so fun and unique.

Plambey1938d ago

the more i hear about this game, the more I'm interested!

LoveSpuds1938d ago

Had it on Pre Order for months now, as soon as I saw it I know I would love it.

Just downloaded the demo from PSN and saw the amazing Famitsu review, to say I am excited for this is an understatement :)

For those in the UK, its just £25 on preorder at Shopto, an amazing price for a new release!

mafiahajeri1938d ago

5.7 GB Is too much for a demo especially with my net.

LoveSpuds1938d ago

Thats too bad Mafia, it was really great.

To be honest you are not missing a huge amount as it is only about 15 minutes long, but it gives you a great 1st look at the artstyle, sound design and gameplay mechanics.

If you are interested let me just say that it lives up to all my expectations, it has this really magical vibe too it, I had a huge grin on my face the whole time I played it.

I cannot wait to get a hold of this game!

mafiahajeri1938d ago

It does look charming, something that could be seen as a change of pace from the norm, thanks for the impressions :)