Black Desert LIVE gameplay and interview from Gamescom 2013 - Worlds Factory

At Gamescom 2013 we got the chance to check Black Desert, one of the most anticipated MMORPGs in development. Read and watch for yourself!

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Festano1905d ago (Edited 1905d ago )

I have finally seen the gameplay of this game sandbox,in the interview I found some things I did not know.

ATi_Elite1905d ago

Yeh Black Desert came outta no where for me but it LOOKS like something I wanna play NOW!

another day just another great PC Game.

GreatGamePlay1905d ago

A Game with Big Treasure Chest!

Mystogan1905d ago

I really hope this gets on consoles ASAP! Console gaming is finally stealing one of the last almost PC exclusive genre. any major MMO that comes out in the coming years should also be on console.

Festano1905d ago

I think that the main problem of the new console and pay the subscription xbox live or Ps plus to play a mmo you have to pay a monthly fee.

Alexious1905d ago

That's not true for PS plus, you don't need to pay PS+ to play online games with other fees - F2P games are free, and I imagine P2P games are only bound to the fee of the game.

Mystogan1905d ago

most MMO's are free2play or Buy2play now. It is an outrage that elderscrolls online is the only major MMO to support this dated model.

Lord_Sloth1905d ago (Edited 1905d ago )

Actually Black Desert will be Free to Play. Pay to Play MMOs are becoming obsolete and outnumbered. Other companies are offering identical or superior experiences for free.

And as mentioned above, if you're paying for a game with it's own fee, you do not have to be PS+ to play that game online.

TheBossMan1905d ago (Edited 1905d ago )

Never played a MMO... too time consuming if you want to really do it right I'd assume.

Alexious1905d ago

It's not necessarily true, and it depends on the MMO anyway.

Avadar1895d ago

I love PC MMO gaming because it allows me to play and socialize with other people across the world. Just really hope that they have a server that is PvE only, or at least make PvP optional and not forced.