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Why I Haven’t Lost Faith in Square Enix

It’s no secret that Square Enix has made some very questionable decisions over the last few years. Between the endless auxiliary Kingdom Hearts titles with no sign of a major sequel, the utter silence regarding Final Fantasy Versus XIII, beating the dead horse that is Final Fantasy XIII into the ground, and the catastrophic failure of Final Fantasy XIV, many fans young and old have declared the company a lost cause. (Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, Kingdom Hearts 3, PC, PS3, Square Enix)

Luke_fon_Fabre  +   321d ago
With this year's FF versus rebranding to FFXV, Lightning Returns not looking bad at all, and that small khiii teaser that made those kh fanboys excited, who wouldn't have faith in SE? (other than that weird minority of ff fans that somehow hate an action rpg in their singleplayer rpg series more than two mmos being allowed in it)
3-4-5  +   321d ago
* They employ a lot of talent, so even if the upper management is out of touch with reality, they still have some of the most talented people in the industry working on their games.
CrossingEden  +   321d ago
Um, because the quality of their games is still good. I honestly couldn't care less about whether or not a game series today plays exactly like it did in 2005 as long as the GAMEPLAY and STORY is good. Except, back in 2005, gamers didn't flock to the internet to whine about EVERYTHING and hate on every single change a series has made to the point of deluding themselves into thinking everyone agrees with their opinion when sales and review numbers would beg to differ.

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