Call of Duty: Top 20 Multiplayer Maps of All Time

This article showcases in detail the best 20 maps in Call of Duty history. It explains why each map was chosen, and describes it briefly, showing the best Call of Duty has to offer.

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mercyless91761d ago

modern warfare multiplayer rocked!!! the game that put counterstrike away

AllThingsShining1761d ago

Nothing pre-Modern Warfare. I thought Eder Dam In Call of Duty 3 and Stalingrad in 2 were superb maps.

TripleXuLtiMaTe1761d ago

Yeah as stated, this list only contains maps starting from COD 4 since that was the real COD breakout

AllThingsShining1761d ago

Ah yeah, didn't read that part of the article. The "best 20 maps in Call of Duty history" and "of all time" bits on the n4g page are quite misleading though.