'Fighter Within' Is Another Game That Could Be Cool, But You Know, Kinect

The Xbox One's new and improved motion sensing device has promised to fix all wrongs, as well as provide a whole new level of interactivity. But given everyone's skepticism and flat out hatred, game makers have their work cut out for them.

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jc485731493d ago

i'm sorry, but this looks dumb.

abzdine1493d ago

kinect is used as a cash grab, nothing else.
but fanboys love it and they love fighter within and they believe it is true 1:1

okmrman1493d ago

why do you care what other people like?

malokevi1493d ago

I'll reserve judgement until I can give it a try.

But I refuse to be a meaningless detractor.

airgangstarr1493d ago

i dont see many kinect games doing that great in sales next gen even if the game was beast i still wouldnt sit there more then one fight swinging my arms like a jack ass

negative1493d ago

You've never used a Wii then have you?

T21493d ago

Ya im sure he did forlike a week like everyone else ... Also all kinect games can be played with the flick of a wrist ... Watching my friend hit homerun after homerun in wii baseball while lying on the couch was when I realized wii was a gimmick

KonsoruMasuta1493d ago

That leaked video shows this game is a fail. What was Ubisoft and Microsoft thinking?

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XboxFun1493d ago

Looks interesting but I think Kinect would do better when it is integrated into actual conventional gameplay.

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The story is too old to be commented.