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10 Reasons Saints Row Is Better than Grand Theft Auto

Here's a list of 10 things Saints Row does better than its open-world brother, Grand Theft Auto. (Culture, Grand Theft Auto, Industry, PS3, PS4, Saints Row, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

allformats  +   522d ago
No, it's not.
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ZombieKiller  +   522d ago
In this weeks corner we have a penguin fighting a pit-bull...

Saints Row, even if it went along the same path as GTA, is no comparison to GTA. That online trailer for GTA V had more features in it than any SR game has.

Here's a comparison:
GTA V - I will buy and play for years along with millions.
Saints Row- Not so much.
Here's another comparison:
The line at Gamestop for the midnight launch was a TOTAL of 20 people. Half we're there for Splinter Cell.
The line for GTA (as it is every time) will span around the store and last for hours.

My point is you can't compare games like this. Not to mention comparing Saints Row to THAT behemoth. It doesn't work. Just because both are open world doesn't mean they are the same. We need more gamers that write to create articles. Not writers that play games.
Next its gonna be "Why Arkham City is better than Red Dead Redemption"
Ugh gaming journalism: so easy a caveman could do it.
You can't train stupid, but you can opt out of supporting it. Don't read the article....don't support stupid.
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Deadpoolio  +   522d ago
Actually it kinda is, especially better than GTA 4 and probably GTA 5...It takes itself WAAAAAAAAAYYYYYY to seriously now, where as 3 and Vice City were more fun
XB1_PS4  +   522d ago
At this point, they're really their own games. Saint's row hasn't really been similar in anything except the free roam, do whatever you want concept. Story and gameplay wise, they're very different.
guitarded77  +   522d ago
No... just no.
kostchtchie_  +   522d ago
Saints Row and GTA will be great games, each with different style for gamers choose from, me as open world junkie will love both these games when i pick them up, they will entertain me in there own ways
Deadpoolio  +   522d ago
Saints Row is what GTA used to be before they decided to cram their heads up their asses and take GTA in the super serious direction.....It was better back in the days of like 3 and Vice city when it didn't pretend to be serious....5 looks like it's going to try and be just as serious as 4
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Pintheshadows  +   522d ago
What a silly time to do this list. You think they would have waited until GTA5 comes out.
Deadpoolio  +   522d ago
Ummm what exactly did you expect Saints Row 4 just came out this week.
Pintheshadows  +   522d ago
And the biggest game of the year and 5th in the series Saints Row is being compared to is out in 3. It is sensible to wait until both of them are out surely.
JsonHenry  +   522d ago
I loved Saints Row 3 and I am currently loving Saints Row 4. I love the over the top mechanics of the game. I never expected to like the the series so I was very surprised when I played Saints Row 3 that I actually enjoyed it whereas I haven't been able to get into the last couple of GTA games.
DasTier  +   522d ago
Really? That's the main problem I have with Saints Row, It tries to make everything over the top and funny, but manages to take it self to seriously. I loved the 1st 2, but I will definitely not be purchasing 4 as I thought 3 was the worst £40 I've ever spent on a game. (And I bought DN: Forever!)
JsonHenry  +   522d ago
I never played the first two so maybe that is why I don't have a problem with it. But Neither 3 or 4 tries to take ANYTHING seriously.
Half-Mafia  +   522d ago
What is CheatCC next stupid article? Why mobile gaming is better than consoles?
Slysi  +   522d ago
Why why why do people keep doing this, yes saints will be fun but not on the scale of gta 5
SouthClaw  +   522d ago
I've played SR4 it is absolute crap. It is the worst and thankfully last in the "series" but they will be doing a new story line in the future. Basically rebooting it as they know its a pile of crap. SR4 is basically SR3.5

I have not played GTA V yet but i am sure it will be better than this garbage.

The person who wrote the article is quite obviously a chav and a poor excuse for a gamer saying that SR has better adult humour than GTA. GTA invented the whole style of over the top adult humour. When it first came around GTA was given the worst reviews because of its content. It did not stop it becoming one of the most successful franchises in gaming.

All the things this person has written saying they are so fantastic are the reasons fans of the original SR games 1 and 2 have stopped playing SR because of stupid stuff they decided to put in from SR3 and SR4.
asiatico  +   522d ago
Gta5 is going to make saints row 4 look like a cheap under developed game
Xsilver  +   522d ago
Grand Theft auto paved the way, saints 1&2 tried to be like GTA and saw that wasn't getting them any where that's where 3 and 4 are different now but better than GTA my best memories are from San andreas and Vice city. i said im not buying SR4 because its just them throwing random stuff in the game i never understood why they put dildos like who asked for that after that i was done with franchise even tho i loved saints row 2. But GTA5 looooks soooo promising and more thought out than SR with a ridiculously large map and activities to explore with a story looking good so far and great graphics.
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Lwhit6  +   522d ago
derekcoaker  +   522d ago
The author seems to be comparing SR4 to Vice City....some points may be right but almost all are way off. I'm amazed someone would even publish this article.....not much QC over at CCC I guess.

Better driving and flying mechanics? Are you joking?
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pr0t0typeknuckles  +   522d ago
I dont care what people say I actually like saints row more than gta,heck I never actually beat a gta game to finish,but I beat the saints row games.
KonsoruMasuta  +   522d ago
GTA V's single player alone is better than Saints Row.

Add in GTA online and it's a stomp.
Discod99  +   522d ago
Stupidest name for an article. Anyone who thinks Saints Row is better than GTA should stop playing video games.
kingPoS  +   522d ago
Hahahahahaha ha ha ha heh heh!



what are you say next huh... that Logitech wheels ain't worth $#i!
Lighter9  +   522d ago
This sounds like a flamebait article. Oh, and GTA has always been better.
noisemedia  +   522d ago
I wonder how many clicks this troll has squeezed out of all those who dared to click on this farce of an article.

This is not journalism people, its just come dude trying to get people all pissy and drum up a bunch of hits. You cant even read the article without clicking through a bunch of crap.

Lets face it, you got trolled. Myself included. Its not like you can compare Saints Row to a game that hasnt even...ahhh nevermind...
Tetsujin  +   522d ago
I stopped reading after "Better driving"

Since I only played SR 3 (I have 2 however never was able to play it due to back catalog of games even today) I can say with confidence SR is more of the "silly" version while GTA has a more serious storyline. It's down to which do you prefer - silly with minimal seriousness or seriousness with minimal silly.
brianunfried  +   522d ago
GTA is Classic Coke, Saint's Row is Sam's Cola
LAWSON72  +   522d ago
This is an insult to GTA and Rockstar. GTA has done more for its genre and games in general than almost any other game ever made.
iliimaster  +   522d ago
ummm no its not even close
Are_The_MaDNess  +   522d ago
Better Driving Mechanics:
Heeeeeell no. GTA IV is much better and more realistic when it comes to cars. and we dont know how jets and planes will control yet.
choppers flew really well in GTA IV tho <3

Over The Top:
there is a thing called too Over The Top. and SR have been there since SR2. the first SR is the best IMO.

Air To Ground:
hmmmm jets, planes and other flying things can be used in GTA 5.

Vehicle Customization:
we will see. i think GTA will do it better this time.

who cares about that if they write the story more absurd every time they release a new game. SR have fallen. the first one was great. and good controls, a good story.

as in the Homies in SR4? that cant even follow you and just stand there while you have to do it all?
i say its better to play alone if that is the case.
or Online with real Homies.

Adult Humor:
hmmm GTA have always done something funny with most characters. SR did everything right in the first game. later on RS have fallen for humor aimed at <-18

i feel the writer is hating on GTA ATM, and has not followed GTA 5 and GTA online one bit. its sad really.

we can easily see that SR4 is a DLC pack made into a full game and is just a quick cash grab for the Devs.

GTA brings something new every time they release a game.

on a side note. i hope they bring back the heavy physics based driving from GTA IV.

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