10 Reasons Saints Row Is Better than Grand Theft Auto

Here's a list of 10 things Saints Row does better than its open-world brother, Grand Theft Auto.

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allformats1706d ago (Edited 1706d ago )

No, it's not.

ZombieKiller1706d ago (Edited 1706d ago )

In this weeks corner we have a penguin fighting a pit-bull...

Saints Row, even if it went along the same path as GTA, is no comparison to GTA. That online trailer for GTA V had more features in it than any SR game has.

Here's a comparison:
GTA V - I will buy and play for years along with millions.
Saints Row- Not so much.
Here's another comparison:
The line at Gamestop for the midnight launch was a TOTAL of 20 people. Half we're there for Splinter Cell.
The line for GTA (as it is every time) will span around the store and last for hours.

My point is you can't compare games like this. Not to mention comparing Saints Row to THAT behemoth. It doesn't work. Just because both are open world doesn't mean they are the same. We need more gamers that write to create articles. Not writers that play games.
Next its gonna be "Why Arkham City is better than Red Dead Redemption"
Ugh gaming journalism: so easy a caveman could do it.
You can't train stupid, but you can opt out of supporting it. Don't read the article....don't support stupid.

Deadpoolio1706d ago

Actually it kinda is, especially better than GTA 4 and probably GTA 5...It takes itself WAAAAAAAAAYYYYYY to seriously now, where as 3 and Vice City were more fun

XB1_PS41706d ago

At this point, they're really their own games. Saint's row hasn't really been similar in anything except the free roam, do whatever you want concept. Story and gameplay wise, they're very different.

kostchtchie_1706d ago

Saints Row and GTA will be great games, each with different style for gamers choose from, me as open world junkie will love both these games when i pick them up, they will entertain me in there own ways

Deadpoolio1706d ago

Saints Row is what GTA used to be before they decided to cram their heads up their asses and take GTA in the super serious direction.....It was better back in the days of like 3 and Vice city when it didn't pretend to be serious....5 looks like it's going to try and be just as serious as 4

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