A Better Look at the PS4 User Interface

No crowd shots. No blurry images. Just the next-generation of gaming and Shuhei Yoshida.

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sigfredod1702d ago

Sweet how fast switch from the video editor into the actual gameplay

FamilyGuy1702d ago

The speed is kinda making lean more towards buying most my games digital next gen. It's so convenient not to have to get up and the speed of launching games and switching between application is really high.

I'm really looking forward to this.

FlameHawk1702d ago

Lol when I saw how fast he joined, I was just like WHAAAAAT? Holy crap that was fast.

iamnsuperman1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

They need to iron out that first stutter but overall I am very impressed (joining the game was impressive). I am glad the XMB is back

MasterCornholio1702d ago

The XMB isnt back its super XMB now.

MysticStrummer1702d ago

Yeah I'm much happier with the UI than I was after the first few glimpses we got. That was a great way to start the show.

mushroomwig1702d ago

Shu looks like a James Bond villain in that chair of his, I can just imagine him stroking a cat as he's watching world-wide destruction he's caused.

KUV19771702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

Sry, mis-clicked... meant to answer another post.

ThanatosDMC1702d ago

What's funny is no one was trying to kill him in the game. They actually moved towards the area where he's shooting and chucking grenades.

Deanc1702d ago

What a Awful and Messy Interface, I'm happy to pay the extra $100 for a cleaner dashboard and FIFA for free. Ps3 gets nothing LOL

devwan1702d ago

You're paying $100 extra for that camera you'll keep in the box. Enjoy.

KUV19771702d ago

You mean 'nothing' as in DriveClub, DCUniverse, WarFrame ... could someone please continue the list of free stuff? It's so much that I don't remember all of it... However if you are a huge fan of FIFA I guess it's nice to have... still you can have it for 40$ less if you decide to buy a PS4 and the game. Also it is just for pre-orders and just in Europe vs PS4-Free-Stuff being for everyone and everywhere... even though everywhere is a much larger region than with XOne.

avengers19781702d ago

War thunder, planet side 2, Blacklight, and more.

chobit_A5HL3Y1702d ago


that was one of the most moronic things i've ever read lolz you're happy to pay 100$ for something superficial(and subjective)and a free copy of fifa? a FREE copy of fifa. free. think about what you just wrote lmao not only that, but you put "ps3" and not "ps4" XD there's too much fail in your comment o3o people like you make me feel dirty for wanting an xb1. i don't want to be associated with you >.>

yellowgerbil1702d ago

cleaner? you mean ad filled right?

Master-H1702d ago

Yup. That Windows 8 interface is like crack, everybody wants it, even though you're playing at a big screen and not a touch screen. also , paying for ads FTW!

Bhuahahaha1702d ago

bleak future for mankind

WeaseL1702d ago

If you're paying $100 extra your in the US and FIFA is a Europe only deal.

MysticStrummer1702d ago

"What a Awful and Messy Interface, I'm happy to pay the extra $100 for a cleaner dashboard and FIFA for free. Ps3 gets nothing LOL"

Sure little fella. Sure.

*pats head*

Run along now.

nosferatuzodd1702d ago

yeah xboxone is clean alright add from here to japan and crappy windows 8 ui please go right ahead no one is stopping you bro I've seen the xbox and like the windows phone I'm not impress sony isn't a software company and i like this Microsoft is a software giant and they couldn't do better than that please

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Ashlen1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

Yea, PS4is going to be amazing.

The video stuff which didn't really appeal to me at first is looking way better integrated than I thought it would. And i'm really happy they added Twitch support that's a huge bonus. Twitch support was the only thing I felt MS was doing better than Sony.

nosferatuzodd1702d ago

they added twitch nice i didn't even know that

Ashlen1702d ago

Yep, integrated twitch streaming and viewing.

nosferatuzodd1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

nice name i had to look it up what it means just now lol

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