The Sims 3 from Humble Bundle not working, EA points towards Humble

The Sims 3 download codes from the Humble Origin Bundle seem to not be functioning properly for many users, with EA pointing towards Humble.

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Stargazer1921d ago

Apparently, on the forums, users are reporting that they have yet to receive a 20-digit code for the game, and even after following the instructions, others are reporting that those codes were already used. Very weird stuff.

guitarded771921d ago

Mine worked... like the other comments. This is probably an exception.

1921d ago
xtremexx1921d ago (Edited 1921d ago )

i got mine. worked fine. is EA sure its not their servers? cause they have been going up and down.

just checked, i got a 16 digit code and entered it through the origin software, worked just fine.

"When installing The Sims 3 via Origin, you will be prompted for a 20-character activation key. This key is provided by Origin upon installation."


ExCest1921d ago

Maybe you have to register the code on the Origin website itself.

At the very least, it's easier to do that than to use the one build into the app.

jackanderson19851921d ago

my issue with it is that for some reasons the Sims 3 randomly doesn't work on some windows 8 desktops... their exact explanation "we've heard it affects some users of Windows 8, we're looking into it"

theEx1Le1921d ago

Mine worked fine. Perhaps because EA's crappy origin servers were getting hammered from people trying to redeem the games.

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