IGN - What's New in Call of Duty Ghosts' Multiplayer

IGN - We've played hours of the next generation of Call of Duty. Does it look next-gen? How does it play?

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GraveLord1796d ago

Can't wait to play this on my PS4. Finally no more sub-HD.

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princejb1341796d ago

I agree graphics isn't everything but you can't say that ghost doesn't look like every cod out there
I have bought mw1, mw2 .mw3, black ops 1 and I could say that they all play the same
Black ops 1 just added dolphin diving but they all play the same with different weapons maps, and kill streaks

MizTv1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

Same old shit
That's the problem
Cut and paste
If they took every other year or so for a new cod I wouldn't be so burnt out on them

HammadTheBeast1796d ago

I love how they act like leaning is a new feature, it was in CoD 2,4, and MW2 on PC.

JunioRS1011796d ago

Yeahhhhh but money never sleeps

GraveLord1796d ago

Are you one of those stereotypical super hardcore, I hate everything that's popular kind of gamer?

BTW, nice WWE avatar. Play the games recently?

MizTv1795d ago

I just like good games on any system
Unfortunately I have played every cod game

MizTv1795d ago

But the wwe games just don't do it for me anymore
I still use my n64 for that
I love NoMercy, WM2000 and wcw vs nWo revenge
They are the best wrestling games in my eyes

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1796d ago

Are you talking about the games or the comments? Because it's the same old comments year after year now too.

Mini05101793d ago

"If they took every other year or so for a new cod I wouldn't be so burnt out on them"

you don't have to buy it every single year...

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betan211796d ago

Im over it for good this time.

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CaptainFaisal1795d ago

No your not... and neither all who say the same! You will play it , you WILL BUY IT. You know why ? Because its CoD . We have all said the same since MW3 but we couldnt stop could we? You might not buy it but you may either rent or borrow it -.- Its a fact that 99.99% of all people who say Im not going to buy it will buy it ( the 0.1 % are dead -.-

venom061796d ago

IGN... that same garbage CoD fanboy site that gave MW3 a 9?? BIGGEST CoD FANBOY REVIEW SITE MUCH?? pretty much universally known as the worse CoD of the franchise.... they might as well just go ahead and give it a 9.5 now.. we know that's what they're going to do despite how laggy the game might be, how garbage the hit detection is, how garbage the graphics are. please pay no attention to what they say.. wait to play the game yourself.

Ultraplayerxp1796d ago


Specifically, nothing we haven't seen before.

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