5 Gadgets That Can Make You Poor

A recent Smart Money article on AOL examined five gadgets that it said consumers should refrain from buying right now. Normally, early adopters and consumer-electronics junkies would be the affected parties here, but the article's warnings carry significant investing implications, since all of the appliances it singled out have ties to popular, publicly traded companies.

1. iPhone
3. Blu-ray
4. Digital readers
5. Windows Vista

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decapitator3900d ago

I can only speak about BD. Blu-ray is costly but it is a smart investment though.

Kakkoii3900d ago (Edited 3900d ago )

How is it a smart investment to buy Blue-ray now.. and not wait for it to be cheaper.. Which it surely will. ?

FreeMonk3900d ago

Why is the European version of Rock Band not on that list!?? That will make a lot of Europeans poor!!

Harry1903900d ago

If you consider this in the strict sense of the word 'investment',none of these items are,for no monetary influx can accrue.Though it can be a smart choice then to choose one of them.

Kakkoii3900d ago

It's right about those 5 things.

1. The iPhone will have a new generation coming out soon that will have more features.. So why buy one now and have to spend more money to get the new version.

Plus there's also many other companies working to make there devices more sexy looking like the iPhone. (Phones have had features the iPhone has for a long time now..and touch screens.. iPhone isn't innovative.. It just has a nice design and is over hyped.)

2. OLED screens. OLED manufacturing is still at a costly stage. But in the coming years it is expected to drop exponentially.

3. Blue-ray is also very costly right now. The price will drop..alot.

4. meh

5. Well, I'm pretty sure most people have there own views on Vista. And many will say to hold out until Windows 7 comes out.

Phil Harrison Mklll3900d ago

Why? Well it will burn down your house! :D

sammy_mantra3900d ago

You have to buy separate Wifi for 100$ and pay 50$ per annum for LIVE
However do we need to talk about that console?
The console race is now just between Wii and PS3. we just stick to that.
x360 had a good run but has fizzled out of the console race in 2008.

x720 might be launched next year or MS might completely drop out of console race to avoid humiliation

Kakkoii3900d ago

Yeah.. While i'm sure a lot of 360 fans would argue otherwise.. Fact still is that it's become a big pile of FAIL lol.

Premonition3900d ago

darn it i have 3 out of 5 on the list :(

uie4rhig3899d ago

i don't get it..

how can Vista be one of the top 5 'gadgets'.. vista is first of all too crap to be in the top 5 (i think) and its not even a gadgets, it just a piece of software which doesn't have to be expensive *coughtorrentcoughrapidshareco ugh*