Ten Games You need to Play Now and Why

DigiBytes presents a list of the 10 best games available right now, and why you should buy them.

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TheFallenAngel1805d ago

Author, do yourself a favor and play God of War 3 and MGS4.

_QQ_1805d ago (Edited 1805d ago )

And witcher2,LBP,Mario galaxy,Metroid prime,Xenoblade,Starcraft2,Dot a2, and Skywardsword.

thall1805d ago

I played God of War 3. It was a very beautiful game, but I didn't enjoy it as much as some other people did. I'll pick it up again though and see if I like it!

The_Devil_Hunter1805d ago

The Last of Us is the best game I have played and one of my favorites as well.

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DevilishSix1805d ago

Great list but I would make a few changes. I would switch out Gears 2 over Gears 1, it was the best in the series. Instead of Uncharted 3 and Borderlands I would pick the original Bioshock and Skyrim.

georgeenoob1805d ago

Gears 3 is 1000000x better than ANY Gears game without a doubt.

LiarasBoobs1804d ago

lmao you're the first guy i've seen with one bubble!

thall1805d ago

I invested many, many hours into Skyrim but I wouldn't put it over either Uncharted 3 or Borderlands.

chadboban1805d ago

Played 8/10 games on that list. I would add or subtract a few things (SMG and a few others would definitely be in my list) but it's the author's opinion.

Murad1805d ago

I marked this article down. Seriously, I understand The Last of Us along with Bioshock are great titles to play now, but Gears of War, Halo and the other junk are not. Titles like Witcher 2, that wasn't made by a huge group beats most of the games that are listed. Hell MGS4 beats most of those games, and that game came out before almost all of these. Stop trying to get views just by stating Bioshock and The Last of Us are amazing titles.

thall1805d ago

I will most defiantly pick up those games! So far with the games that I have played these are all of my favorites. None of it was a ploy to gain views by any means. I was just stating my opinion. I loved Bioshock Infinite, and I loved the Last of Us. So far they are my top two favorite games. I will play all of the games suggested to me in the comments so far, and if I like them more I will post a newer, more updated opinion article. However, for now this is how it stays.

Murad1804d ago

I'm not going to lie, you have a incredibly small list of games. Also, it really seemed like you were trying to get views, so I apologize for that. However, not going to lie, go play some games. Go play Dota 2, go MGS 4, go play RE5, go play God knows how many games that are better than those. HELL GO PLAY SHADOWRUN RETURNS.

DevilishSix1805d ago

I just picked up Witcher 2 for 360 a friend of mine recommended it. Also picked up the strategy guide which is OOP and cost nearly $40 used, but I wasn't about to pay $160 on amazon for new copy. Looking forward to playing it soon.

Murad1804d ago

Wait, did you buy it on the Xbox 360 because that's the only console you have? If so, I would have suggested getting it on PC. The PC copy is literally almost free, including all the DLC. If you get the Collector's edition as well, it's amazing. I'm still shocked it cost 40, since both Witcher 1 and 2 costed me less than that D:.

DevilishSix1804d ago

Got it for 360, I don't have a PC just a work laptop, I can't use for games. The $40 was for the strategy guide it is out of print and getting really hard to find, new copies are going for up to a $160 dollars cause you just can't find them, but I was lucky and found a used guide in nearly new condition.

batbatz1805d ago

Bioshock infinite is massively overrated

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