Bluepoint Bringing a “Sony Classic” to Current Gen, Helping on a Next-Gen “Blockbuster Franchise”

"Sony loves to take their biggest games from the PS2 era, give them a few visual upgrades and then port them to the PS3 and PS Vita – after all, they sell well, and are far cheaper to make than a new game. One of the developers best known for handling the ports is Bluepoint Games, and we’ve spotted that they’re doing another one." - PSLS

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TrendyGamers1812d ago

Come on Jak Collection II with Jak X, Daxter and The Lost Frontier.

shivvy241812d ago

i will cry if they bring back a jak game , its been 9 yrs since a proper one came out

gaffyh1812d ago

OMG Jak & Daxter 4 incoming?

abzdine1812d ago

There are two things, a classic on PS3/Vita and a next gen blockbuster franchise for PS4.

next gen Jak would be insane, together with Sanzaru.
and classic doesn't mean HD collection, could just be a brand new game based on a Sony classic.

minimur121812d ago


Most likely Jak however, he was the most popular and Activision have all the rights to spyro and crash, not sure about parappa however.

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Wedge191812d ago

Anything by these guys will be stellar. They've done an awesome HD upscale job.

abzdine1812d ago

the 3D job they've achieved on God of War Collection 2 was mindblowing!!!
best 3D effect i have ever seen. it's so deep and alive

Wedge191811d ago

Not to mention that the game wasn't even natively in 3D! To be able to post process and upscale that well... these guys and gals have a level of dedication and skill to their craft that is unmatched.

LeonhartX1812d ago

1. syphon filter HD collection and a next gen syphon filter
2. dark cloud Hd collection and a next gen dark cloud

those two franchises come to mind, gamescom can't come soon enough

Sevir1812d ago

The first is the most likely to occur! :) And I hope that they Do because Syphon Filter was awesome.

Minato-Namikaze1811d ago

Would onimusha be considered Sony classic? That series is is closely tied to the PS brand.

ftwrthtx1812d ago

I actually enjoy playing these on the Vita. It's almost like a brand new game.

dcj05241812d ago

Same. I prefer playing MGS 3 on the vita than on the PS2/3.

GdaTyler1812d ago

Me too. God of War 1 & 2 while on the toilet will be epic. O_O

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The story is too old to be commented.