Are Subscription MMOs Really Dying?

With World of Warcraft’s subscriptions in a steady decline, and with many other games going free to play, is the subscription MMO truly dying?

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1877d ago
HammadTheBeast1877d ago

Well WoW is all but dead, as soon as the next big MMO comes out the remaining people will jump ship. No other MMO can work as a subscription model, only reason that WoW has lasted this long is because people have put in thousands of hours, and it's a waste to just let it go.

Other than WoW, the only other successful MMO I see with the model presently is EvE.

NegativeCreepWA1877d ago

FFXI is still up and running.

mcroddi1877d ago

The plain answer is yes. Eventually all will die. Or adopt.

Str8Chaos741877d ago

Yep, until someone does something fresh with real time combat I am done with MMO's. Everything is the same, cartoon graphics with WOW style gameplay. Pretty stale IMO. I will say though the new Everquest has some interesting ideas.

Chrono1877d ago

Blizzard said Titan won't have subscriptions, so yeah. Almost every pay-to-play MMO changed their business model or closed.

bohangirl841877d ago

Whether they are dying or not, I am currently not an MMO player, but it would be interesting to see if some company makes significant changes that could win the hearts and cash of non-MMO players.

maximus19851877d ago

MMOs that dont have subscriptions arent appreciated or taken seriously by consumers not to mention they dont get supported as much either. example, dc universe fun for a bit but it was a mad house of blandness

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