Breath of Fire II - Wii U Trailer Redux

"The original Breath of Fire II Wii Virtual Console trailer didn't seem to completely capture the spirit of the game, so your Breath of Fire admin has created this one in celebration of Breath of Fire II's announcement for the Wii U Virtual Console in North America!"

- Breath of Fire Facebook Fan Group "We Desire Breath of Fire"

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thomasmiller1836d ago

this looks like a great game! cannot wait to get my hands on this one!

ChickeyCantor1836d ago

This is a good game, unfortunately my save file was gone for some weird reason. Perhaps its time to actually finish the game.

1836d ago
3-4-51836d ago

Yea we need more games like this.

Bring back 2D sprites please.

thomasmiller1835d ago

I totally agree, I love old school games. burger time is still one of my favorite games to play, old retro games never die, they just get better with age!

richierich1836d ago (Edited 1836d ago )

I never played this game even though I always wanted to play it back in the Super Nintendo days now theres no excuse not to

yugovega1836d ago

i wonder if they will do another 1/2 off deal like they did with megamanx and ghosts and goblins. starting to miss those deals. and whats the deal with releasing 2 without releasing 1 first?

catch1836d ago

It might have something to do with the fact that BoF1 was a squaresoft game and Capcom took over for BoF2. I personally like the games better with Capcom at the helm which sounds so wrong when I think about it.

NukaColaClassic1836d ago

Breath of Fire was not a Squaresoft game. It was developed by Capcom but published by Squaresoft in North America.

catch1836d ago

Ah good to know! It has been such a long time I was going off memory. I feel even older now.. But thanks.

catch1836d ago

I love this game so much. It was this era of games that got me into rpg's in the first place. The combat was fantastic and the characters are memorable and charming.

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