Call of Duty: Ghosts Multiplayer Lobby Image Discovered

Could this be a screen from the in-development Ghosts?

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GraveLord1875d ago ShowReplies(1)
PeEsFour1875d ago

And now? If it is, what's now? A lobby screen doesnt make a good game, lol! Wait for MP reveal. I'll need to watch it 10 seconds to realize if its the same or not.

JBSleek1875d ago

The MP will be the same and that isn't necessarily a bad thing in terms of MP

HammadTheBeast1875d ago

It kind of is, considering MP in CoD has been terribad since MW2.

claterz1875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

Its not THAT bad, as a competitive mutiplayer shooter its pretty good but they just need to fix a few things. If they can bring back fixed/more balanced killstreaks, make the maps more symetrical for better spawns (like CoD4) and just make the guns a little harder to use then I think it could be a great game.

BO2 isn't that good but its not as bad as people make it out to be. I especially hate it when people say it requires no skill to play when its just as easy as other multiplayer fps's. You can run and gun in bf3 just as easily and still get a lot of kills, neither game is very tactical when you think about it.

I probably won't buy ghosts but I'm keeping an open mind, If they fix the problems the last games had then ill get it.

Salooh1875d ago

No claterz , it's that bad for me , my brother is playing it right now and i can't even stand watching it. It's really awful if you are a good player not just run and shoot. Battlefield need skills. In black ops run , kill , die , run , kill , die...etc , my brother just respawned and got killed in 2 seconds , It's that awful . So imagine how awful the maps/shooting..etc are.

COD4/WaW/Mw2 are the last good games that you actually see a difference in gameplay , they make you addicted to the game not just fun. I played black ops1 for just few weeks , Mw3 for less then a week and black ops 2 for like 3 days . Even though Ghost is in next generation and should have extend the time of playing it i still think i will play for less then 3 days because it looks the same as the old games. It's not a next generation experience . And GOD knows that i try to play it , i'm not a person who hate games unless there are a huge reasons.

listenkids1875d ago


How has it been bad since MW2, if the game is the same every year? A little bit of a contradictory argument people have with CoD.

This will be fine, people will love it, people will hate it.


Goro1875d ago

Does anybody really care? All these lobby images "leaks" happen every year...

GraveLord1875d ago

Well if you're reading or comment on this article, you probably do care.

Goro1875d ago

I came on just to write that comment

GamerSciz1875d ago

The official reveal is Aug 14. It's just before Gamescom. Similar in how they did their pre-e3 showing.

christrules00411875d ago

It looks weird because there is a friends tab. It looks better with the square button or something and your list pops up. They have to show me it isn't like BLOPS 2 for me to buy it though.

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The story is too old to be commented.