The Evolution of Console DLC

Analog Addiction writes: "As we draw near the next generation of consoles, it only seems fitting that we look back at some of the aspects of the current generation and some of the innovations they brought with them. Now, DLC is definitely not a brand new aspect of gaming, and certainly not if we examine PC gaming. However, in this latest generation of gaming, the concept of downloadable content took on some interesting new forms that are worth noting."

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MikeyDucati11874d ago (Edited 1874d ago )

I wish gamers would actually read the fine print that it is up to the developer's to decide what content is included in the season pass and that not all content will be included in the season pass. Instead of just reading "SEASON PASS" and thinking it to be like a football program offer that gives you everything. Direct TV doesn't run the industry.

DLCs are becoming more frequent. The more and more gamers use it, the more and more the industry pushes towards the digital age.

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