Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn - Job and Class System Explained

Chomping at the bit waiting for the open beta of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn? Of course you are, since the character you level on the open beta gets carried over when the game goes live, it is essentially a huge head start. With any sort of head start, you don't want to squander it on the specifics like say, understanding how the class and job system works. There is quite a large bit of confusion about it. However, since the game is still under a Non-Disclosure Agreement not everything can be discussed. However, there are some public details and the experiences players have had with the previous MMOs that can help debunk the whole class and job system.

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Drabent1809d ago

N4G doing a good job putting FFXIV out there. Didn't remeber hearing much about FFXI on here.

1809d ago
NegativeCreepWA1809d ago

If you want to learn a lot about the game, watch these.

He is the best source I've found for new and old players alike. I spent hours watching his videos.

NegativeCreepWA1809d ago

A month ago I would of trashed this game, because of the foul taste v1.0 left in my mouth. Over the last two weeks its become my most anticipated game, can't think about much else,

Yoshi P really turned this around, the endgame and future content sounds amazing!

Drabent1809d ago

Oh yea its totally fixed WoOt...can't wait til phase 4 kicks in.

NegativeCreepWA1809d ago

Same here, I haven't got a chance to play yet. The changes in the world are enough to have me excited, I remember how bland it was before.

AceBlazer131809d ago

Does this game have a subscription fee?

NegativeCreepWA1809d ago

Yes, as it should have one.

Drabent1809d ago

I think its $12 a month.