Warframe Dev: "PS4's GDDR5 RAM Opens Up Possibilities for Extra Detail, Video Streaming"

"We recently had a chance to speak to Digital Extremes creative director Steve Sinclair, currently working on Warframe for the PlayStation 4, about how the developer was using the extra GDDR5 RAM of the console, along with benefits derived from the unified architecture."

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Septic1630d ago

"You can use the GPU to process physics and effects data. It’s key in shipping a console that is great early in the cycle while leaving the ceiling quite high for hybrid computing techniques in the future.”

Precisely. The PS4 will really come into its own a couple of years down the line. GDDR5 appears to be over-kill to some now, but it just goes a long way in ensuring that the PS4 will be more future proof.

Tatsuya 1630d ago

Damn right, I can't wait to see all the future titles that will make use of the full capabilities of the PS4. I like to see more devs praising and preferring the PS4 as the primary benchmark for the next-generation.

ThanatosDMC1630d ago

Love the PS4 and all but these devs of Warframe talk like their game is the $hit, when it's severely lacking on PC. Gameplay got boring and repetitive. They need to add more stealth or something different that what is currently provided or planned.

It's not even as good as the trailer not to mention the levels are a cluster*uck and the match making is horrendoes because they can have you join a match that is all ready about to end or just ended.

It'd be different if it's Naughty Dog touting what they could do but these devs brag too much.

1630d ago
Nik_P7571630d ago

I can't tell you how excited I am for the GDDR5 RAM. My gaming PC only has 3 gigs of GDDR5 and I've yet to play a game that requires it all. So the 5-6 that we will get on the PS4 will be absolutely amazing; especially a few years down the road.

SniperControl1630d ago

You mean DDR3 right? DDR4 is just coming out now. GDDR5 is mainly found in graphics cards.

If you are talking about your GPU, then my bad.

Nik_P7571630d ago

Did you not see the GDDR? The G. Again, the G. I have 16 gigs of DDR3. Did you see that, No G. Can you tell the difference now?

SniperControl1630d ago


haha jesus, over reaction or what lol.

ShwankyShpanky1630d ago

But that's an inadequate comparison. You're shouldn't be comparing 5-6GB of total memory as GDDR5 to the 3GB of GDDR5 that you have on your vidcard, since you've also got an additional 16GB of system memory that the PS4 doesn't have.

cedaridge1630d ago

PS4 is a developement friendly console at a friendly price. Good lookin out, SONY! As a customer, I will "Thank you" with my wallet.

Rhinoceros1630d ago ShowReplies(2)
TheOneEyedHound1630d ago

4>1 ,Greatness Awaits, Team Playstation

N7Lukas1630d ago

Wow. I like how the PS4 is shaping up, but you sound like a corporate robot spouting that nonsense. "Team Playstation"? C'mon man.

Team games! lol.

TheOneEyedHound1630d ago

If some ******* can say " Team Jacob " I could say " Team Playstation".

MidnytRain1630d ago

"If some ******* can say " Team Jacob ""

But no one likes those guys either, lol.

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