Project: Contingency Is A Fan-Made Halo Game, Powered By CryEngine 3 - Tech Demo Revealed

DSOGaming writes: "Halo fans, get ready for a treat. A team of talented students (or modders if you will) is currently working on a fan-made Halo project called Project: Contingency. Project: Contingency will be powered by CryEngine 3 and as the team noted, Project-Contingency is the codename of their project, meaning that the final name will be revealed at a later date."

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Victorvondoom81786d ago

Settings dont look right aliens BORING.....But good graphics NEXT GEN even better....

john21786d ago

let's hope that MS won't send a C&D letter to them

DeadlyFire1785d ago (Edited 1785d ago )

As long as its free with no intent on making money from the project then there isn't much a legal team would be able to do to them other than threaten them and if taken to court and win a case they could get the content seized and that's about it. They would have to prove there is intent to sell this content to win.

HaMM4R1786d ago

I want to know what happened to galaxy of combat. This looks pretty good though.

mxrider21991786d ago

hopefully will play like halo 2

LAWSON721785d ago

It looked pretty bad for cryengine 3, especially those tree trunks the textures look like they were pulled from a n64 game. I wish the people behind this luck but there is still alot more to improve especially the city in the background.