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9 things you’ll never see on PS4 – the annoyances PlayStation 4 will leave behind

OPM: With PS4 packing some of the most sophisticated technological innards this side of the large hadron collider, we’ve rounded up 9 bugbears you’ll never have to put up with once PlayStation 4 enters your living room. (PS4)

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Chrisgamerguy  +   581d ago
Omg I think the ps4 is literally going to be the best console ever created!
Picnic  +   581d ago
I don't know whether any console that doesn't contain a game by Rare or Remedy can definitively be called that.
DragonKnight  +   581d ago
Rare sucks. Try and name their last great game. Remedy is mediocre as well. Another other devs?
edgeofsins  +   581d ago
Rare is doing what nowadays? They work more on the XBox system software rather then actual video games. Remedy hasn't proved anything to me yet. If I wanted Alan Wake it's on PC right now. Quantum Break has little to go by right now
DragonKnight  +   581d ago
*facepalm* I meant "any other devs?"

Early morning typos are always the worst. Lol.
jambola  +   581d ago
Rare died when it went to microsoft
Picnic  +   581d ago
Rare had fairly nice launch games in Perfect Dark Zero and Kameo. People still have fun on PDZ to this day and maybe its weird cheesiness is part of its charm in that respect- but it wouldn't get away with that if, underneath that, there wasn't still a fairly decent shooting game for the time that showed off the new console's shiny HD visuals.
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NewsForge  +   581d ago

Last good game they made was Conker, Perfect Dark and Banjo (ON NINTENDO64 15 YEARS AGO!!!). Everything they've done with MS is boring Kinect shovleware.


It took them years to complete a game that wasn't that all great to begin with (Alain Wake)
Have fun with Quantum Break when it releases...in 2017!!!
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NeoTribe  +   581d ago
Rare.... lol are you serious or trolling?
Bigpappy  +   581d ago
With the "OMG" I was really expecting to read something new or alt least not plain obvious.
ovnipc  +   581d ago
both are great! but X1 looks better!
Majin-vegeta  +   581d ago
Yea..if you like paying more for less.
PSN_ZeroOnyx  +   581d ago
X1 looks like a VCR, EPIC FAIL!
MakiSaad2  +   581d ago
not really
dboyc310  +   581d ago
It's simply fantastic that the controller will be able to charge itself in stand by mode. Some thing simple but amazing because of how useful that is.
blennerville  +   581d ago
i dont get the charging one, you will still have to either put it on the charger stand or plug the usb wire into it so how is it any different from ps3 ??
DaPrintz  +   581d ago
The PS3 has to be on to charge anything. You can play while charging if u have a longer cord, I do like the idea of finishing my session for the night, turning my PS4 off, and plugging my headset and controller in so they're ready to go the next day.
Kleptic  +   581d ago
the comments are confusing some people...

the PS3 only has its USB ports 'on' when the device is on...not in stand by...the PS4 still routes power to the usb ports when 'off'...so you don't have to leave the device on just to charge accessories...

its surprisingly useful...the motherboard for the PC i just built has this feature...and its actually really nice...
TABSF  +   581d ago
It doesn't quite work like that

2. Loading Times
If the game is being read of a Blu-ray and Hard Drive then the loading times will be long, okay the BR Drive is 3 times faster but its still slow, conventional HDD performance has remained unchanged since PS3 launch and 2.5" drives are slower than 3.5" counterparts

Remember MGS4, that wasn't a ram issue. A SSD and installing the full game to that SSD will solve that.
Skyrim on my PC loads okay with the HDD, with my SSD it loads in about 5 seconds.

3. Texture drop-in
That will most likely be down to developers and game engines, additionally when see get towards the mid - end of this coming generation is will most likely surface again.

4. Draw distances
Of course its got 8GB GDDR5 and of course the draw distances will be far greater than PS3, however the GPU is still needed to push the pixels regardless of the about of RAM. I wouldn't expect amazing textures at distance or fantastic models.
PSVita  +   581d ago
Straight hating
just-joe  +   581d ago
How dare you use facts!
kB0  +   581d ago
SOme of your information is a little misleading....2.5 drives are slow than 3.5?

You know that doesn't make sense...considering SSDs are 2.5" and regular hdd are 3.5...your comment about physical size....seriously stupid comment.

Also your basing your comments on assumption (your #4). Remember a lot of PC games would really not require high end hardware if it was properly optimized (much like we see for ps3 and 360, where games run and look very good on 7 year old hardware).

This is one HUGE disadvantage to the pc market, the constant need to upgrade, and developers do this on purpose to make the market move. Remember Crysis 1? Where everyone had to buy high end hardware, which everyone did...then they released a patch to make it work on most mainstream PCs....My point is, with optimization we'll see some great texture push.

Haters gonna hate:)
dlocsta  +   581d ago
I couldn't get past your second sentence. You do realize the size of HHDs refers to the disk size while on SSDs it is just a physical characteristic of the overall design size? Size on and SSD is irrelevant because it is a chip. But you are partial correct because it is not the size of the HHD that matters but the speed of the drive, 5400 or 7200 rpm.
kB0  +   581d ago
That is my exact point:) I'm saying size matters very little to performance, what you can argue is COST...usually smaller is more expensive.

He made it seem like size is performance...
NexGen  +   580d ago
Rpm, data bandwidth, and platter size all affect Hard drive seek performance. Hard drive cache impacts access performance.

2.5 are usually slow rpm, but smaller platters. 3.5 are higher with larger platters. Typically 3.5 does outperform 2.5
PSN_ZeroOnyx  +   581d ago
So you helped design the PS4 and know all the ins and outs as well as all the ways the hardware has been optimized. Why didn't you say so from the beginning?
cesuf  +   581d ago
Less glitches/bugs on multiplatforms like Skyrim thanks to more ram & the more dev friendly x86. Cheers!
Tatsuya  +   581d ago
"we’ve held one, and it was like our fingers were being wrapped in a warm cloud of happy."

Yeah just that sentence alone would have sold me on the DS4. I've got a feeling we have a new king of controllers come next gen.
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Jovanian  +   581d ago
10. free online multiplayer

sony pulled a fast one at E3 and everybody looked the other way
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jessupj  +   581d ago
While it is a little bit of a shame, I can somewhat understand. Besides, PSN Plus is amazing.

But you can partly thank the people that happily accepted this on XBL, for Sony following suite.

Lest Sony isn't putting anything else behind a paywall.
PSVita  +   581d ago
Fast one? You don't need to pay for things like Nextflix or X game chat. I mean it does cost money to run an online service. I always wondered why they hadn't done it sooner.
Gamingcapacity  +   581d ago
It's a shame that you have to pay but they need the money to stay competitive with PSN. PSN and Live will do so much more on PS4 and X1 that it needs money to fund it.

Plus Sony can't not afford to turn down the extra cash for Playstation that helped the 360 last gen.
MakiSaad2  +   581d ago
I was angry with this just for seconds i'm already ps+ member and after seeing how much microsoft is earning because of gold I was glad sony did this because they r having some financial problems and no one would like them to go out of gaming industry
NewsForge  +   581d ago
Totally useless remark.
jessupj  +   581d ago
I think what I'm most looking forward to is a much much smother interface when I'm playing a game. The XMB is very slow when I access it during a game.

Also I'm going to loooove streamlined trophies instead of having to manually sync it. I'm just assuming Sony is doing this because they'd be idiots not to.

Can't wait for those huge draw distance either.
Master-H  +   581d ago
Stop hating on the select button ,i use it on daily basis in CoD, TLOU mp , resets my car in Modnation , and other games.
carlingtat  +   581d ago
Having no select button will actually be a pain in the ass because I'm constantly using the select button to look at maps.
sAVAge_bEaST  +   581d ago
Awesome, no tare huge draw distances , will def,. be great.. but, the [select] button is wore down on my controller, -[select] to spot in BF, and what place your in on other games..
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MuhammadJA  +   581d ago
These 9 lists is what defines consoles. The PS4 is a PC now.
PSN_ZeroOnyx  +   581d ago
Great points, I can't wait!
Npugz7  +   581d ago
The two that annoyed me the most was download times and texture pop in so I'm glad to hear that will no longer be an issue!
T2  +   581d ago
Yes fast forward to 2 years from now where we all complain ... UC3 takes 1.5 sec to load, wtf ?!! ....lol
Kidmyst  +   581d ago
9 isn't an issue with Plus. I put in a game, it says a new version is found, hit circle and skip past and play. Overnight Plus downloads the patch and the next day I play as normal. #6 for the battery they make it seem like it's gone but really you still need to charge the controller so we'll still have #6. I have a USB hanging out of my cable box and use that to charge so it'll be nice to have this with the PS4.
GamerGuy153  +   581d ago
I understand that the system downloads in the background, I just find it ironic that they title says things youll never see on the PS4 and the screenshot for "no download bars" comes from the PS4.
evilhasitsway  +   581d ago
best system ever made love it got it preordered
TheRealHeisenberg  +   580d ago
Is it leaving behind its N4g fanbase? Most of them at least? They are the biggest annoyance in my opinion.
mrb93  +   580d ago
ps4 coming out oct 2 2013
my best friends dad works in sony n he told us tht the ps4 is coming out 10/2/13 so pass it guys

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