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Submitted by leonHurley 928d ago | opinion piece

8 modern videogame design trends that need to end on PS4

OPM: As the PS4 fast approaches and the next gen prepares to become current gen there are some things we never want to see again. Tired tropes and lazy design ideas that have no place in the future. Or our future at least. (God of War: Ascension, PS4, Tomb Raider 2013, Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception)

FortKnight  +   929d ago
Couple of spelling and grammatical errors in this article.
Hellsvacancy  +   928d ago
Anthotis  +   928d ago
That's the least of the article's worries. Aside from dub step, the writer was wrong on every point.

No "brutal kill moves" or "morally ambiguous heroes" just makes this guy sound like a complete and utter wimp.

No more cover systems!?

minimur12  +   928d ago
Here's my opinion:
1 " It’s got to a stage now where it feels like a cop out option." Listen mode, agreed.
2.I LOVE these, theyre halairiousKEEP
3.but...but.... I want Uncharted 4....KEEP
4. Holding your breath, in real life, does this even work? But it is extremely useful in any case
5.QTE's? Hmmm.... KEEP, but not as may games
6.Collectables? HELL NO Muthaaaaa collectibles means harder plat, harder plat means better feeling when you get it :3 KEEP
It also gives the game more play time.:)
7.Snap to cover? Hmm, yeah, ND did it right with auto cover, and the AI if you spent however long in cover
"In some games the magical power of the snap-to cover system means you can wander off and make a cup of tea or check twitter mid-battle safe in the knowledge that nothing can touch you. " Lol
8. I guess so, I do like some types of dubstep though.
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levian  +   928d ago
#1 is so true, I absolutely detest any sort of focus mode. Listen mode in TLOU, the see through walls power in Dishonored, etc

#2 I don't mind as long as they're not in there for the sake of being gory. It just fits the God of War theme

#3 Just about every game with human enemies does this.

#4 Realism is never a bad thing

#5 I agree with the QTE's needing to be gone to an extent. Ryse? Kill the QTE's. God of War again does it right. Use them for finishers on large enemies.

#6 I hate collectibles that are there for no reason except to give the illusion of having something to do when you beat the game.

#7 Cover works in some games, but in others it just makes the gameplay boring. Assassin's Creed make this work well, and it looks like Watch Dogs might make it work as well.

#8 I do disagree with games throwing in random things from pop culture to try to sell your game
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Rettom  +   928d ago
So it's unprofessional.
FortKnight  +   928d ago
"So"? That's ridiculous. They were callous errors. Poorly edited and sloppily written. In a journalistic career, that shouldn't happen.Standards are important.
KUV1977  +   928d ago
Bad spelling and grammar is definately a trend that needs to go next gen!
Bluepowerzz  +   928d ago
ok lets pack our bags and never read anything on the n4g site ever again
GuyThatPlaysGames  +   928d ago
This isn't school. But seriously. no cover system in a shooter? That's like playing Madden without a football lol
Ilwrath  +   928d ago
No, it's not school; it's professional journalism site, which is a job one would ideally get after finishing school. Therefore, spelling and grammar should probably be top priority in their presentation of an article.
GuyThatPlaysGames  +   928d ago
Don't you mean it's a professional journalism site? Not professional journalism site? Do it correctly before you defend it lol. Oh yea, you clearly know what you're talking about with those 3 bubbles you have there :)
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rdgneoz3  +   928d ago
@OVOXO_Mike A) He's not the one writing an article for a site (professional is a very loose term here with the quality of the work), B) you bring up bubbles to try to justify the lack of polish on the article which is suppose to be on a "professional journalism site"?

As for the article, please for the love of god stop the trend of having to click to the next page to view the next item in the list. Is the site that desperate for hits that it has to resort to that?
Christopher  +   928d ago
Disagree to most.

1. Focus mode is used properly in many stealth games. It's also used to weaken some others. Don't just outright remove it, but use it properly.

2. So, they should just fall dead? Also, are we just talking about Dishonored here with #1 and #2. I say keep them in check, but keep them in. It's part of the "did you see that" part of gameplay that doesn't harm it in any way.

3. That's all up to the writing. And, most people see a guy in cut scenes who jokes around a bit as the "good" guy when you're trying to make a guy who lies and steals for a living look like killing people who are shooting at him as some huge step in another direction.

4. It's done right in many games. I love this as it doesn't mean constant steady aim. It makes you time your shots around the battlefield. Removing it from all games? Unnecessary. We need a diverse form of gameplay rather than just CoD shooting mechanics everywhere.

5. QTEs have their place. Just don't over use them.

6. Collectibles are completely optional and a lot of people like them. Why remove?

7. I'm not sure what games the author is playing that snapping to cover means they're invulnerable. Tons of games have snap to cover and it only protects you partially. That's the point of it, partial protection that you can more easily recognize and manage.

8. Just less, not complete removal. Don't worry, it will go away as soon as the next music fad comes in.
Wizziokid  +   928d ago
The only thing I agree with is the Dubstep point, but I don't like dubstep.
Hellsvacancy  +   928d ago
I'm not a fan of collectables, unless they tell you some kind of backstory or reveal some cool information about the game world

And the cover system I kinda agree with, a lot of the time when i'm gaming I KNOW when a shootout is about to take place because i'd walk into a room and notice ALL the cover (tables and worktops for example) would all be the same height and strategically placed around, thats why I found The Last Of Us a breeze to play through, I honestly felt it was too easy in that sense because I knew exactly where to hide and what path to take to avoid detection (that doesn't mean I didn't like TLOU because I LOVED it)
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Kurt Russell  +   928d ago
I'm not a fan of collectables, but I'm happy for them to exist. I just don't collect them.

And as for cover systems, they just need to be improved rather than removed I think.
iceman06  +   928d ago
I think that the "cover system" should just be more natural. Like you said, in most games you can tell because the elements of the room change. It they just allowed more "natural" cover or anything to be used or tipped over for more natural cover, then it would probably feel more organic.
thezeldadoth  +   928d ago
need to end on ps4 only? what about that box will end gaming trends.
savaroth  +   928d ago
Maybe the writer is assuming that the WiiU and Xbone will become irrelevant? ;)
KrimsonKody  +   928d ago
Good one!
PSN_ZeroOnyx  +   928d ago
Or perhaps the writer feels the PS4 should usher in a new era of gaming. PS4 takes the lead and competing consoles follow.
Gaming_Guru  +   928d ago
I don't agree with many of the things on the list, but how is eliminating holding your breath for steady aim a bad thing? Don't get me wrong Halo is a good game but the sniper rifle is used as a golden gun because it's so easy to aim with.
Bathyj  +   928d ago
Couple of good points. Most weren't.

Can I add shooters that only let you carry two guns. I can understand a tactical shooter where you must plan your missions, but in reality in most shooters all it does is cut down your tactical options. How many times have you thought, gee I wish I had a snipers rifle, but I had to leave it behind to grab that shotty.

I want approach a situation and have the option to tackle it with any weapon I've come across in the game and have ammo for, not just what I have in my hand at the time.
Summons75  +   928d ago
admit it you miss the old days of having a 12 gun inventory =p don't worry those of us who played older games do too. Having 2 guns in games where it makes sense is one thing: Halo, Battlefield, COD, Rainbow Six, Ghost Recon, but games like Castlevania, Doom, Quake, Half-Life were built around having multiple guns and were and still are freaking awesome. I honestly could never see Half-Life or Quake without multiple guns ever, it wouldn't feel right.
iceman06  +   928d ago
I do!!! I miss that in games where it was just about shooting. I think it would kill the "realism" of other games. So, I don't mind when they don't allow it.
DA_SHREDDER  +   928d ago
crappy jrpgs. though i cant wait for 15
andshesays  +   928d ago
so basically your saying.. play PIKMIN?
god_o_war  +   928d ago
Spurg  +   928d ago
-If collectables are done like the arkham games then it fine or if there's a small side story for finding the items.

-I absolutely agree with the one that talks about key objects being highlighted. It removes the sense of immersion when you enter the room. The designer would make the room with wardrobes, tables, chairs and lot of details and when the player walks in he would pick up the highlighted object and just walk out. Again Batman is a perfect example of how to remedy that.
Einhert  +   928d ago
1 button press interactions like in assassins creed and the latest splinter cell games need to stop.

Killing an enemy by pressing one button is very boring. I would like combat to become a little more dynamic and evolve.

Basically I would like simplistic interactions to go somewhere.

QTEs also need to stop, that is just lazy game design.
thepluggy  +   928d ago
God,what a crap article,sure we might as well not buy games at all then according the guy that wrote this.Jesus people will write anything for hits.
iBlackyi  +   928d ago
Wow this list is crap.
Scrivlar  +   928d ago
Everything in this list made me think you were pretending to be stupid on purpose to annoy me. Although I'm totally with you on QTE's I'm never impressed by it personally.
disagree with 3, that works with some games, uncharted 3 doesn't take itself too seriously, and that gameplay works better with uncharted then last of us's gameplay would
PSN_ZeroOnyx  +   928d ago
The number 1 thing that needs to go is auto aim in online MP shooters like COD. I hate quick scoping in COD BC people mistake utilizing auto aim with having imaginary skill. If they stopped including auto aim then quick scoping would literally disappear over night.
god_o_war  +   928d ago
Agree 100% most console players don't even know there is an auto aim -__-
Just remove it completely and level the playing field to just skill and a tiny bit of luck :)
PSN_ZeroOnyx  +   928d ago
You're so right. Every quick scoper I've talked to has completely denied that auto aim is in the MP game. Have had numerous arguments on the subject with quick scopers. They truly believe they are just that talented with every shot.
iceman06  +   928d ago
If they took auto aim out of MP shooters like CoD, I think that not only would quick scoping disappear, but a LOT of the fans would too. CoD gives the illusion of accuracy. Yet, watch the killfeed and see the bullets hit the wall, the floor, anything but the person. I played CoD for awhile, like most, but I just don't enjoy it anymore. No hate for those that do, it's their money.
PSN_ZeroOnyx  +   928d ago
I personally love COD and removal of auto aim would make me love it more. I hate hearing quick scopers talk about their ”mad” skill and yet for some bizarre reason they all deny the game has auto aim. I've argued with many who truly believed there is no auto aim and they are just that good.

I'm just saying that by removing auto aim I would enjoy MP a lot more, no online MP should ever have auto aim.
ajax17  +   928d ago
Dumb list...
mochachino  +   928d ago
Some things I agree with but mostly disagree especially with regards to brutal mellee takedowns.

Games need more brutality IMO. If most games involving killing things, which they do, and most games try to up the realism, which they are, then most games should be far more brutal and visceral.

Shooting, stabbing and exploding people should turn the stomach with how brutal it looks. Limbs should blow off, blood should gush, etc.
LarsHoneyTOAST  +   928d ago
I like collectibles in a game only when they actually unlock something for getting them, or atleast if they fit into the story. Like in theBatman Arkham series, I actually wanted to get them to unlock the challenge maps, or to get a nice looking 3d model
sAVAge_bEaST  +   928d ago
QTE. Snap to wall, and auto aim,.. all need to go.
MuhammadJA  +   928d ago
3, 4 and 8 needs to be removed, Seriously.

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