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Xbox One: Microsoft must prove its indie commitment

GI.biz: Developers and analysts give their take on the significance of everything Microsoft has--and hasn't--said about its new next-gen policies (Industry, Microsoft, Xbox One)

no_more_heroes  +   350d ago
"So ensuring there are actually people in place to reach out, evangelize, and educate the independent community about how to get onto their platform is something I would like to see."

Microsoft actually created a whole department that addresses this in their organizational reshuffle. Don't remember the long and winded title, but "evangelism" is in it.
dedicatedtogamers  +   350d ago
"Microsoft must prove commitment" should be the tag on every single piece of positive news regarding Xbox One. They can announce exclusive DLC or "me too!" features all they want.

But when you take a shovel and scoop away all the PR drivel, Xbox One is a console with a confused vision from a company with its sights on non-gaming competitors with a brand that has been going downhill over the last few years with a track record that should terrify any gamer who takes off the blindfold and actually looks at Microsoft's past behavior.
creatchee  +   350d ago

Past behavior? By your logic we should be afraid that Sony is going to remove certain functionalities on the PS4 since they got rid of OtherOS on the PS3.
dedicatedtogamers  +   350d ago
@ creatchee

Yes, people should be have a dose of suspicion for Sony, too. You forgot to mention how they removed backwards compatibility for PS2 games (well, not really "removed". More like "stopped offering").

But I don't see much of anything that Sony is saying now for the PS4 that they could flip-flop on.
creatchee  +   350d ago

I dunno - I don't think we should hold either of their histories against them. Maybe I'm an optimist :)
The_Sneauxman  +   350d ago
To prove indie commitment takes time and as of late MS seems to lack a clear vision (at least to me). This is going to take years to accomplish. If they have any hopes of securing the indie market they have to mean it, not just slap a sticker on the sticker wall
dboyc310  +   350d ago
It's basically a case of monkey see, monkey do. Wonder how things will come together now that the xbox one isn't what is supposed to be. All of these announcement are good but they're basically being made to stay competitive against Sony. The whole PR disaster that they went through from the beginning of the year is what they're trying to fix. Let's see what the future holds for the Xbox one.
dark-hollow  +   350d ago
All the three companies are guilty of this "monkey see monkey do"

MS and Sony followed the motion craze of the wiimote with kinect and move.

Sony improves the psn greatly by following ms footsteps like achievements and party chat.

So don't pretend that's something that only ms does. They are competitors. Of course they gonna react to each other's offerings. In the end it is better for all kind of gamers either if you are PS, Xbox or Wii u gamer.
dboyc310  +   350d ago
Those are features you're talking about. It's obvious I'm talking about the policies. Like I said the xbox one is a whole new console and it was built to run and be a certain way but their vision has changed because of the negative backlash. Like many people have said it seems like Microsoft doesn't have a clear vision on what they want. Just makes me think how things will come together ones the console releases
YNWA96  +   350d ago
Errr, they did have a clear vision, lay the groundwork for the future of video gaming. It was hard to swallow, but what they had in mind, will be done by everyone eventually. You think Sony can keep giving away free games all the time and survive? They will be looking for other sources of income too, as will all publishers.... we have simply been spoilt for a long time....
BattleTorn  +   350d ago
Let's face it - there's is a lot yet to be proven to gamers.
Gridloc  +   350d ago
Now that MS allows self publishing, will there still be regular published indie games as well? If so self published titles will be the red headed step child and will have poor visibility to consumers unless they pay for advertisement.
n4rc  +   350d ago
Am I the only one that thinks nobody has to prove anything to these devs?

They are insignificant and should have little to no influence over the platforms design.. Microsoft is providing tools and services to them..

They don't have to use them.. Or they can.. It literally should be take it or leave it
No_Limit  +   350d ago
It is funny when during the early years of the Xbox 360 existence, when Indie developers were given tons of resources to get the attention from gamers, people didn't care much then and have little regard to them. Now, all of a sudden, when Sony announced their support for Indie games and self-publishing, Indies development are being taking seriously from gamers. Hmmm, I wondered why?

As for me, I have never bought an Indie game and really don't have much interest in them. Not then and not now. Too many good big-budget games that require my attention. I also considered Xbox Live Arcade games as the better alternative to Indie games in a sense.
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WrAiTh Sp3cTr3  +   350d ago
I totally agree! Read some of my comments.
jessupj  +   350d ago
Thanks god you weren't in charge of creating the PS4. You would have ruined gaming for me.
n4rc  +   350d ago
And I would have cried myself to sleep every night about it.

Beggers can be choosers it seems.. This is business.. These devs are a drop in the bucket and will not make or break any platform. They should not have the kind of influence they are seeking
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RavageX  +   350d ago
I personally just think that MS realized they've pissed off a LOT of people in general and are simply trying to clean their image up a bit.

Smart move, but if it's all proper and true with no stupid fine print or flip flopping we'll see.

A lot of you might not agree with this but I don't really care about indie games...meaning they are not a reason I buy a console.

I don't really play them, but I'd rather they be around than not.
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Foxgod  +   350d ago
Why do they need to proof it?
The 360 supported it, the XB|1 supports it, nothing changes.
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jessupj  +   350d ago
Correction, MS thought they could get away with wanting to control everything and making every one play by their rules, then Sony (whom was building the PS4 right from the start with big developers, indies and gamers in mind) completely humiliated MS and they reluctantly changed just to stay competitive.
Cmk0121  +   350d ago
ALL this indie talk bores me, they make occasionally great arcade titles like limbo and thomas was alone, journey ETC. no console sellers, not AAA games. too much attention on low level devs IMO
christocolus  +   350d ago
they sure will....

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