Diehard GameFAN: Nicolas Eymerich The Inquisitor – Book I: The Plague Review

DHGF: The Inquisitor is the first entry into a four part tale focusing on the fantasy tales of a real 14th century Inquisitor, Nicolas Eymerich. It succeeds in conveying his mindset and attitudes towards persecuting those outside the church, but I think it falls a little short of how far he might go. Being the first part of a four part story, there is decent enough pacing and the pieces for a larger tale are all being set in place. There is enough here for about six to ten hours of play time without repeating it but the English dialogue and translation feels a bit rough making it hard to sit through. I am curious how it will go from here, but more for a look at the supernatural events than the characters as they are all hard to relate to, especially the lead.

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