Corsual LiveGuide: Age of Wulin 'Being Bad'

Corsual's EXP writes: "There are many ways for the evil of heart to enjoy Age of Wulin; as is traditional in sandbox MMORPGs with open world PvP, world events have two opposite and equal sides, and it's in understanding these sides that evil players can begin their reign of carnage.

Chiefly, there are 3 evil acts available to an AoW player: Kidnapping, Banditry and Murder. Kidnapping, which can be completed once per hour, involves hunting down offline players and selling them to NPCs. Banditry requires players to attack escorts, causing the escorting player to fail their mission but offering experience rewards for the bandits. Finally, murder, sees players attacking other players illegally across the world, and constables (good-aligned players) hunting them down to put them in prison. Murderers that exceed 9000 kill points will be publicly executed.

See it all in action in today's Corsual LiveGuide:"

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