Black Ops 2 Mod Lets Hackers Drive Around in a Sports Car

Hackers mod Black Ops 2 to unlock orange sports cars for Raid.

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Funantic11822d ago

I'm glad that the X1 will have dedicated servers to cut back on cheating and lag switching.

Thirty3Three1822d ago

Me too! ... But with the PS4!

Funantic11822d ago

PS4 won't have dedicated servers for all games, just select games.

thechosenone1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

Didn't Jonathan Blow state that MS' claim of 300k servers was BS and the majority of those servers will be virtual servers.

And all of Sony's 1st/2nd party games will have their own dedicated servers, just like they did this gen.

Funantic11822d ago

@chosennone All Xbox One games will have dedicated servers not just some. Exclusive make up a small percentage of PS4 games. And didn't Respawn say that the azure cloud was real and beneficial? The azure cloud has been downplayed by haters.

Thirty3Three1822d ago


I'm not even going to bother correcting you on all of those mistakes you've just made. But good luck! Just letting you know you made many.

thechosenone1822d ago

"Microsoft's claim of 300,000 servers by the end of the year was meant to stun consumers and investors, but Blow is not so easily swayed. "I can spin up 10,000 virtual servers per host. They would just all suck," said the developer over Twitter, calling out Microsoft for "Saying 300k when they are virtual is a lie."


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Sephirothcv1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

Its kinda already proven both companies can run dedicated servers for their games, and i really hope you dont believe that the X1 will have dedicated servers for every games that is released on it. Yes it can run dedicated servers but not all games will have them and even then its up to the developers to take advantage of the servers both companies have in place.