metal unreal solid 3

Somebody is making a MGS3 Snake model for UT3 and its looking hot.

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chaosatom3333703d ago (Edited 3703d ago )

snake as jumped in to beat up Marcus from Gears. It's going to be some good ass-whopping.

belal3703d ago

i got my beta code from the teaser site.

can i use that code on my us account or my europe account ? or will it not work ?

Yipee Bog3702d ago

but remember to check the beta time slots. I know if you pre-order at gamestop you also get a voucher code as well, the beta doesn't start until middle of April I think. Not too sure about the teaser site though

Dino3702d ago

gotta wait till the 17th to use it

masterg3703d ago

I wish this game would sell better.
The mods alone make it a must if you ask me.

pharmd3703d ago

i agree man, i think its a phenom game... cant wait to get my back of my bro in law... im missin these mods bad!

Timesplitter143703d ago

I really don't like those clothes. Why haven't they just put the traditionnal snake clothes?

MrBii3703d ago

Certainly someone with better coding abilities can surpass that.

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The story is too old to be commented.