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Submitted by SethThePirate 867d ago | opinion piece

The Last of Us: Why David Is The Greatest Character of This Generation

Ruaidhri has chosen an unlikely character to be his favourite not only of The Last of Us, but potentially one of the greatest written and acted characters of this generation. (PS3, The Last Of Us)

minimur12  +   867d ago
Voiced by Nolan North :)
SethThePirate  +   867d ago
I didn't realise that until the credits, he nailed this role! Sounds like a completely different person unlike most of Nolan North's roles that sound like Nolan North :)
brodychet  +   867d ago
UH. one major question; did you realize david was a pedophile?

He was only interested in saving ellie to sleep with her; and this is not a joke.

I didn't see this is in the article. And I question how many actually notice this. He wanted her as his pet, and since she fought against him, he decided to kill her. That's why Ellie's last line before Spring was "He tried to..."
KUV1977  +   867d ago

It's just an interpretation. A valid one mind you, but she could also have been trying to say 'He wanted to slaughter me' and 'eat me' (for dinner, you know?). The almost-slaughtering-scene isn't more than an hour ago in game-time at that point. He could also 'just' be a sadist. After all he enjoyed the torturing part and mind tricks.

I really saw him more of a torturer than a pedophile, but there are various indices that support the pedophile-theory.

I totally agree however that I can'T share the views of the author. At no point has David been a good guy.
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minimur12  +   867d ago
See, i thought he soundeda bit like that guy from south park haha
Highlife  +   866d ago
Maybe a spoiler?
That is the impression I got too. Looks like he's had pets in the past but with Ellie it seemed to be more than that. I wanted to put an arrow through his head the moment I saw him. To me he always seemed like a creeper.
DVAcme  +   866d ago
@brodychet: I wouldn't go so far as to say he's a pedophile, but he DID have sexual intentions towards her. But I wouldn't call it pedophilia, since first of all Ellie's a teenager(that's ephebophilia, and it's nowhere near as bad as straight-on little kids pedophilia) and second the desperation of any female companionship in the apocalypse would make anyone's standards relaxed.

However, the fact remains that David did not see Ellie as anything but prey and property, and that he's an AMAZING villain in how menacing he is. But also, the biggest thing about David is that, had the apocalypse not happened, he WOULD NOT be a villain. He'd be just an average joe like everyone else.

The scary part about the world of The Last Of Us is that morality and human emotion are replaced by sheer survival. Humanity is losing, both as a species and as a civilization. In fact, at the end of the game *MINOR SPOILERS* what's revealed is that the game's main argument is whether it's wise or even possible to keep our ideals and morals in the face of inevitable doom.

This is a beautiful game. Period.
bakagaijin78  +   866d ago
@DVAcme, thats exactly how I saw it too. I think David saw Ellie as a female in a situation where there didn't seem to be any other females around. I don't think he was a pedophile; I saw him as a man who wanted a female for sexual reasons... and maybe even for genuine companionship.
brodychet  +   866d ago
- Spoilers
@DVAcme You say it's not pedophilia because she's a teenager?

I'm pretty sure 14 still counts as pedophilia. What is 13 okay too since it's technically a "teenager"?

I'm sorry but it's straight up pedophilia. And I'm guessing you're going to say Bill wasn't homosexual as well? Because he was O_o

@bakagaijin78 Dude he decided to murder her after she declines his relationship offer. That's not someone who's looking for a genuine relationship. He's a pedobear. But he's a damn good character nevertheless.
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itBourne  +   865d ago
This game is 20 years after the apocalypse, I would think 14 becomes an acceptable age, it was at many points throughout history. This isnt the world we live in today, its totally different. Also from what Nolan said, he did have a sexual interest in her. Joel is an INSANELY bad person as well. Probably what makes it worse for David is they essentially hunt humans. Not kill to survive but hunt them, at least that is what I got from one of the notes I found.
WitWolfy  +   867d ago
The author must really be a fan of Nolan's work...
SethThePirate  +   867d ago
Actually no, I wrote this piece and generally I don't like Nolan North, think he's overused. He's essentially the Hank Azaria of the gaming world. Drake is a great role for him, but Deadpool, Superboy and Desmond are all a bit meh to me. For this role though, yeah I kinda loved him.
camel_toad  +   867d ago

I agree but I'd also add The Penguin from Batman.
WitWolfy  +   867d ago
Yeah I really disliked his persona in Batman: AC.. Dunno what he was thinking giving The Penguin an Australian accent...
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brodychet  +   867d ago
and Dr. Richtofen from the Cod Zombies' Series.
Projekt  +   867d ago
I have a similar accent to Arkham City's Penguin and I'm not from Australia lol. Common mistake though so no worries.
Ezz2013  +   867d ago
yeah i was shocked when i saw he was David

really didn't see that coming at all
r21  +   867d ago
Same here. NN has some crazy vocal range!
FrostyZipper  +   867d ago
Well written article imo. Up until the end I rather liked David too and it killed me when I realised that he was going to make his exit shortly after his abduction of Elli. The showdown with him in the restaurant was excellently done too, and easily one of the most chilling scenarios I've ever experienced in a video game.
WitWolfy  +   867d ago


That restaurant scene had me on my toes just hiding from him!!!
tanookisuit  +   867d ago
Especially when the music ratchets up, every time you get a successful attack on him!
WitWolfy  +   867d ago
Eeek double post!
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Sketchy_Galore  +   867d ago
Spoliers...... I can't remember too many specifics but I got the impression there was always something a little darker about David. I recall some mention of Ellie being his latest 'pet' and I got the impression this meant he had had 'pets' in the past. He sounded a little too enamoured of Ellie when she was in the cell and he was telling her she was special. I didn't get the impression he was some heartless raper and pillager but I got the impression that maybe he might have pushed that relationship places it probably shouldn't have gone. I also remember getting the impression he let Ellie go to lead him to Joel. I should probably go back and play it again to be sure but those were just the impressions I had on my first playthrough.
camel_toad  +   867d ago
Yeh I'm pretty sure, to put it bluntly, he screws his "pets" or something worse.
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Valkyre  +   867d ago
^^Exactly... but it was such a well written character, because all the clues are there, and Naughty Dog treats her audience with respect, they will never go out and say "Hey David is a cannibalistic pedophile" and yet he is... and it is frightening that you learn these things piece by pice... and more so after actually spending sometime with him believing he is a cool guy...

Awesome character.

Also on the subject of treating the audience with respect, Naughty Dog did the same with Bill as well... nobody knows or even gets a clue that Bill is actually... gay, and yet you realise it after you leave town. No stereotypes no nothing could even remotely make you think something like that and yet it is true. Such well and respectfully written characters...
LoveOfTheGame  +   867d ago
I wouldn't go so far as to say there was no way to tell Bill was gay. They did do a good job not using stereotypes and making it slightly questionable, but it was pretty easy to tell Bill was gay. In the first 5 minutes you meet Bill he mentions his "partner", and I don't remember Bill being a cop or a lawyer.
lsujester  +   867d ago
But Joel had a partner in Tess without there being a big romance there. While I did infer that he was gay when he said that, I can see how it didn't click for others.
LoveOfTheGame  +   866d ago
Straight couples rarely, if ever, use the term partner for their significant other. While it is a common name used in same sex couples.

Also Bill has a little trouble getting to the word, so the second he said it was pretty obvious that Frank, was that the guy's name, were "partners".
Flying_Squirrel  +   867d ago
Bang on the money (spoiler alert) - when the raiders arrive at the house with Joel and Ellie you hear them comment that she's not to be harmed as she's David latest 'pet' and that's not said in a nice way. I also think he was tracking her to find Joel. He was not a noble person at all as the article implies - it may be that things happened to him prior to the game that made him that way. Having said that, absolutely great voice acting which added to one of the greatest games ever made.
WitWolfy  +   867d ago

Also what I liked about his character was that it seemed that even his followers were starting to doubt his leadership in the game.. So it could be that he screwed up A LOT in recent weeks/months leading up to Ellies kidnapping; making him more believable as a character showing himself has leader with flawed leadership characteristics.

A very well written character!
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MikeyDucati1  +   867d ago
The man was a pedophile. His character disgusted me.
stage88  +   867d ago
But he was a great character for the game.
rdgneoz3  +   866d ago
Pedophiles just seem to have a hard time fitting in :(
MikeyDucati1  +   865d ago
A great character? The virus was a great character. You know who was really a great character? Ellie was a great character.

Just from my perspective, I have no positive notes to give to a man who likes to rape little girls. That crap disgusts me. To say he was a great character for the game is rather appalling.

The virus was a great character. His daughter was a great character. Ellie was a great character.

But a pedophile homo who probably was an outcast and did nasty things to little girls who were preyed on easily because of their innocence?

No, I won't go as far as to say "he was a great character for the game". That's nonsense. It's like people fascinated with Charles Manson, but he's a sick dude. I find no fascination with that crap.
stage88  +   865d ago

Oh chill out. Talk about a massive overreaction.
Guess what, the character David, you know, the one that is made out of pixels doesn't actually exist. I'll let that sink in for you a moment.

Yes, there are terrible people in the world but in this instance it's all MADE UP. The character is great in the story as it brings more depth to having a post apocalyptic world where the true nature of people becomes prevalent. After the whole ordeal with David it brings Ellie & Joel a lot closer and builds upon their father and daughter relationship which is an extremely important and integral point of the game. Also the boss fight with David was extremely intense and added greatly to the atmosphere of the game.

I'm not disputing that there are some horrible people out there in the real world but this is a game. If you can't handle made up stories that deal with adult themes then stay away from mature games and also movies and TV shows. These are not for you.
MikeyDucati1  +   864d ago
No, you chill out. I'm chill. What are you talking about? I can have disdain for a character if I choose to. What's it to you?

Why are you offended my individuality and my opinion? This is nonsense. Don't be silly and immature.
stage88  +   864d ago

It's your opinion which is fine but when you stay stuff like

"To say he was a great character for the game is rather appalling."
"No, I won't go as far as to say "he was a great character for the game". That's nonsense. It's like people fascinated with Charles Manson, but he's a sick dude."

It is utterly ridiculous. So by your logic people should be ashamed for liking a fictional character that adds an extremely important part to the plot because he's comitted terrible crimes as a villain.

So should the movie Hannibal not have Hannibal in it because he's a vile human being? Should The Dark Knight not have the Joker in it because he committed terrible atrocities?

Imagine TLoU without the whole Winter bit with David. The story wouldn't be half as emotional and character development would stagnate. The ending wouldn't have been believable.

It's one thing to have an infatuation with a character's evil deeds but its completely different to like a character for what they bring to the story.
MikeyDucati1  +   858d ago
Ok but I can still feel the way I feel. Why are you even trying to debate with me about my opinion?

David was a disgusting character because he is a boy who preys upon those weaker than him. He doesn't have the inner strength to face those stronger than him. You saw that when he faced Joel.

Hannibal Lector I can respect because he is the complete opposite of David. He's not some weakling or punk. Hannibal actually kills the despicable.

Hannibal would have his way with a character like David. He would torture and kill that kind of person in fact. You wouldn't have even mentioned Hannibal if you actually read the books or even had some sort of understanding within your own nature. Because clearly I can recognize the difference between David and Hannibal.

So no, I cannot possibly sit here and say I enjoyed David's character because he added a certain flavor to the story.

That's nonsense because during times of the apocalyptic desolation, men like David would come to the forefront willing to prey upon people. If you look at history you would see such. I don't give such rewards to certain shards of the human race that is all too common. But most would compliment this dude when they lived sheltered lives and haven't seen the worst of mankind.

I'm a man of certain beliefs and principles. Giving compliments to a man like David, video game or not, will not be coming from my mouth. Period.
Mr-SellJack  +   867d ago
lmao i thought the article mentioned Joel and not David
this is biased,first part of TLOU is the reason why troy baker is the best now,should've replaced the headline"character"w ith supporting character that would've been much better,he wasn't that much implemented in the game but anyways outstanding performance by Nolan
tiffac008  +   867d ago
Oh man, Nolan did an amazing voice job on this character. He made this madman convincing.

I still hate the Clickers more though. lol!
TheHardware  +   867d ago | Well said
Almost every character added to the entire experience....David was almost a necessity. nowhere else in the game did you see that type of human desire that wasn't driven by the after effects of the infection.

David added that element you hear about in today's news...he is the worst of us....even among the last of us.
GribbleGrunger  +   867d ago
"he is the worst of us....even among the last of us."

I like that. Bubbles.
dogsmokespipe  +   867d ago
I don't think David's a very strong character at all. He's just a one-dimensional villain. I read your article and just don't see why you think he's anything special.

It would have been more interesting to me if he really was just a leader of survivors whose men were senselessly killed by Joel and Ellie. But he's not that. He is, in fact, just another videogame homicidal maniac. The player never empathizes with David. There are no signs that the character struggles with the terrible things he does, or has any feelings whatsoever. He is never shown to be anything but a villain. Someone for the player to hate. And if him trying to kill you isn't enough, he also likes cannibalism and little girls. Everyone can hate that, right?

TLOU's a fun game, no doubt. But to call a minor, one-dimensional character "the best of this generation?" I can't agree.
P_Bomb  +   866d ago
I disagree. David saved and/or prolonged Ellie's life (and Joel's by not letting his friend screw her over on the antibiotics) several times. He could've overpowered her from the get-go but never did. David was never one-dimensional.

1)He was shaken at the dead pals he found in the shack b4 the Bloater fight.
2)He fought and platformed back-to-back with Ellie through the shack.
3)He told Ellie that she and Joel were probably the ones who killed his other men & yet he begrudgingly let her go and gave her medicine to save the man who killed his.
4)He wanted Ellie caught alive but it was his own men that could be heard turning on his orders and shooting at her on the horse.
5)in the snowstorm and lake areas you hear his men saying they've had enough of David and want him out, they don't want David in their council thing anymore. His town turned on him.

As such, David was NOT a stereotypical one-dimensional villain because he lost all his power in his obsession for Ellie, and his life. Ellie basically ruined his life. It was a great angle. Play it again with the sound up, and you'll hear about it from the NPCs. Watch his facial expressions and you'll see he's struggling. Telling Ellie "how am I supposed to keep convincing them to keep u alive when they see this" (the finger she broke).
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MilkMan  +   867d ago
Say what? This guy was a scumbag, or a pedophile or both. Plus he don't discriminate. Human flesh or buck flesh. Take your pick.
assdan  +   866d ago
The author completely missed the whole rapey vibe David gave off for the entirety of the game.
medman  +   866d ago
I think Ellie is the best character in The Last of Us and I don't think it's even close. That little girl is awesome. She's tough, smart, brave, funny, and loyal. There is absolutely nothing in her character not to like or admire. Ellie is one of the best characters in gaming, male or female.
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BeardedPriest  +   866d ago
I'm surprised none of you felt how David was reminiscent of Lazarevich from UC2 and Navarro from UC1 when he pulls out the Machete after being stabbed twice and the camera kind of does a close up thing....
crowsticky1234  +   866d ago
David as "the greatest characters of this generation", no, but as "one of the greatest antagonists of this generation", yes, his character had so much diversity compared to many villains, at first, I thought he was goin to be an ally for Ellie but after when they had a shootout at the shack, that "everything happens for a reason" twist shocked me. When he gave her the medicine, it brought a lot of questions like why he did not execute the girl after she killed most of his men. In my perspective, he's a very mysterious character and without spoiling it for people who haven't played it yet, his actions were unexpected. A very multi-dimensional character. In my opinion, one of Nolan North's best performances, didn't realize it was him, thought it was a new voice actor hired by Naughty Dog.
jakmckratos  +   866d ago
I actually found him fairly impotent as an adversary...he gave Ellie the multiple chances she took advantage of to escape. And not that I wanted him to be graphic about his thoughts with Ellie but I felt like if it was more known that he was a pedophile from the get-go it would have had a more dramatic element to her capture and the fact that these men are following this sick-o. But yes he def sounded creepy enough thanks to N.N
Blacklash93  +   866d ago
The only thing that really stands out about him was how long he managed to cover up being a cannibalistic pedophile and seem like a decent guy, aka him hailing from trope city. He's nothing special.
CaptainYesterday  +   866d ago
Nolan did a great job I didn't even know it was him at first realized when I saw the credits was pretty shocked!
itBourne  +   865d ago
Also the article says the Bill section could have been cut. I thought the opposite, I wanted more of the dynamic between Bill and Ellie, they played so well off each other. I thought the whole Sam and his brother portion could have been cut, that one seemed somewhat pointless to me.
cheetah  +   864d ago
My favourite character was Joel, super intense and deep, but David was fantastic. I actually called my wife to show her the scene where David tells Ellie that he knows she was with Joel when they killed his men, gaming really has come of age this generation. Just finished the game today. Surpassed ZOOT as my favourite game of all time.
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