GTA 5 release date not an issue for F1 2013

VideoGamer: "Codemasters confident F1 2013 will "hold its own" against GTA, despite September release."

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shadowwizard1739d ago

Well, good luck Codemasters.

Hydrolex1739d ago

LOL what a joke they are ! They will learn their lesson

Psychotica1739d ago

Shouldn't be an issue if you really want a race game

Jdoki1739d ago

Really? So an F1 sim isn't competing with an action based sandbox game?

Really? I find that hard to believe!


I'm on the fence about both games. F1 2012 was OK, but 2013 needs to improve in a lot of ways. GTA IV was a bad game in my opinion, I didn't enjoy it at all. GTA V looks like it's more along the lines of the earlier games, which is excellent news.

SythMoi1739d ago

Two different games in my opinion and never seen a F1 game being compared to something like GTA - but both will be good..GTA the better of the two

Drakesfortune1739d ago

f1 sales will suffer...even though they are different genres....people have been waiting years for gta 5 and with gta 5 'looking' like they have taken the best of all gtas and combined them....

i am an avid f1 fan but even i will be buying gta before i even contemplate buying f1

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