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First Public Gameplay Demonstration for The Evil Within at QuakeCon '13

"Bethesda just announced that The Evil Within will get its first public gameplay demonstration on QuakeCon '13, which takes place from the 1st to the 4th of August at Dallas, Texas. It is unknown whether or not the presentation will be recorded or livestreamed, so you might want to visit the event if you live close by!" (PC, PS3, PS4, The Evil Within, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Axisian  +   522d ago
At last they are showing the whole demo..!!
I heard its 20 minutes long!!!
Abash  +   522d ago
Im so ready to play this as soon as its out on PS4
Axisian  +   522d ago
Might get the PC version myself, although my PC is not a high-end one, I've heard this game actually has a special UI designed for the PC version. Which is cool since not a lot of Multiplatform games offer that anymore.
Enemy  +   522d ago
Shinji Mikami about to drop the final nail in Resident Evil's coffin.
Rikitatsu  +   522d ago
I think the coffin is already nailed and buried.
zerocrossing  +   522d ago
And cremated.
DarkBlood  +   522d ago
and set on fire that doesnt end in silent hill :P
Plagasx  +   522d ago
Kinda Ironic since he created RE..

Also fitting..Let the father pull the trigger before it's too late.
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Klonopin  +   522d ago
And what will id have to show this year? More Quake Live and the announcement of another Doom re-re-re-release.
MrTrololo  +   522d ago
Can't wait to get this on PC. Survival horror is back baby !!
Lolrus  +   522d ago
Wait a sec. They already shown this game at e3..

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DeletedAcc  +   522d ago
Not the full gameplaY
mrmancs  +   522d ago
On another note , will we finally see a new doom , or a quake for that matter!?
Looking forward to seeing (more)gameplay from evil within though , hopefully a return to his best.
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