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Another Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus Image Pops up Online

"The above image popped up on Twitter, with ex-PlayStation Sr. Social Media Manager Jeff Rubenstein confirming he’s a friend with the Vita player." - PSLS (PS Vita, PS3, PS4, Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus)

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Sev  +   684d ago
So, is this a PS3 game or a PS4 title?
doctorstrange  +   684d ago
Or PSV :) I'm thinking PS4, though
Tony-A  +   684d ago
I feel like it's probably both PS3 & PS4, or all three (PS3/PS4/Vita).
Sev  +   684d ago
I guess I'm probably leaning toward a PS3/PSV title. They don't want to move everything on the PS4 just yet. Gotta make sure that PS3 is viable this holiday season too.
Tei777  +   684d ago
The ps3 will continue receiving 3rd party support, I don't think it needs any more exclusives beyond GT6.
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JunioRS101  +   684d ago
I'm confident it'll be remote playable.

Ratchet and Clank is just that kinda game.
Freak of Nature  +   684d ago
PlayStation 3 this fall both digitally and on disc -- and for $29.99 to boot.

it will appear exclusively on PlayStation 3 later this fall.

Into the Nexus gets the series back to its roots, a so-called “traditional” Ratchet & Clank game the likes of which PlayStation gamers haven’t seen since 2009's A Crack In Time.

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j-blaze  +   684d ago
i would love a new Ratchet & Clank for PS4!
AngelicIceDiamond  +   684d ago
Lol how long are Insomniacs legs. Playin both ends of the fence with X1 and Sunset Overdrive and a brand new Ratchet and Clank for Sony gamers.

Insomniac to me is the most well respected company out there. That holds no grudge nor bias towards any company but simply love gamers from any type.

I read somewhere its a PS4 and PS3 title. Gamescon sounds like a proper unveiling if you ask me.
SilentNegotiator  +   684d ago
They spread themselves thin because they thought it would "save" their sales. It has nothing to do with "trying to love all gamers"

If Fuse is how they love gamers, gamers aren't full like they are after the risotto.

Like Ninja Theory, they're only screwing themselves by thinning their support for such a regular fanbase.
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Foolsjoker  +   684d ago
Can't believe it is a PS3 game. It would look so cool on the PS4.
Dj7FairyTail  +   684d ago
it PS3
wantedboys  +   684d ago
it is confirmed PS3 game will be 30$
wantedboys  +   683d ago
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Rusty515  +   684d ago
If this isn't for PS4, I'm gonna be beyond disappointed. After GTAV I wanna be done with this gen.
GiggMan  +   684d ago
Yeah it would suck if it wasn't for PS4. Especially since Xbox One is getting an exclusive. PS3 is already going out on a high note with Last of Us. GT6, Beyond, and GTA5.

I'm not into Vita so I'm hoping PS4 also...
W3R3W00F  +   684d ago
Now if we could just have another Jak and Daxter title (a good one), everything will be great. :) I miss the days of the PS2
DeletedAcc  +   684d ago
Want it for ps4...
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Gamesgbkiller  +   684d ago
Will the main team work on this thing or it will be the same as Full assault thing that fail ?

I'm really curious.
Soldierone  +   684d ago
Pretty sure their "main team" is working on Sunset Overdrive. Same team that made R3.

This will probably be made in their California studio though, since its right next to Sony and already has Ratchet assets. So it could work out well.
GiggMan  +   684d ago
I'm so hyped for PS4 I hope it's at least a game on the next gen system. If not oh well, on to the next title.

PS. Bring back Resistance! That's what I want for PS4...
psvita_JG  +   684d ago
Hope this is a PSVita game!:)
remanutd55  +   684d ago
yea that would be great, psvita needs a full fledge Ratchet and Clank game.
MASTER_RAIDEN  +   684d ago
too excited to see a ratchet and clank game running on ps4 hardware. Insomniac needs to finally get serious again and give us all what we want: a REAL ratchet and clank game like up your arsenal and a crack in time. not these terrible 4 player coop or mission based versions of the game. we just want a proper platformer, much like what we had seen during the ps2 days (minus deadlocked)
PR_FROM_OHIO  +   684d ago
Was really hoping for a new IP from SONY to be honest!! Ratchet and Clank i think had it's run time for something new IMO. Still might be a great game though.
remanutd55  +   684d ago
Two intergalactic heroes? oh my please tell me the other one is Jack, oh my!!!!! Ratchet and Clank and Jack and Daxter crossover, that would be something!!! oh and please i want the game to be on ps4 and psvita not ps3.
ShAkKa  +   684d ago
Why not PS3? It would be best if it releases on all 3.
WeAreLegion  +   684d ago
Two intergalactic heroes? Is Clank not an intergalactic hero? Lol. People keep forgetting Clank.
Williamson  +   684d ago
Please be a ps4 title....I want to be blown away like I was during tools of destruction. It also wouldnt have the same feeling if its a ps3 or vita title.
Chapter11  +   684d ago
All that teasing for another Ratchet and Clank game? That franchise hasn't been good since the PS2 and you can bet EA is just going to make it even worse now.
TrendyGamers  +   684d ago
The Ps3 games were pretty good.
malol  +   684d ago
sony owns the IP.
EA cant do shit about it.
MonChiChi  +   684d ago
IMO all were fine all the way to 'A Crack in Time', after that it got bad. which is my main reason for not being hyped that this could be a new Ratchet & Clank.
McScroggz  +   684d ago
I haven't researched this much, so forgive me if I don't know something vital. But it seems strange that Insomniac, while working on Sunset Overdrive (after just releasing Fuse) would then go back and make another Ratchet & Clank game after they more or less gave up the reigns to it. Plus, it seems odd that they would be so careless to let it leak in this method.

I wouldn't be against another Ratchet & Clank game, but I don't know that I would get excited either.
WeAreLegion  +   684d ago

I means someone bought a Vita with 3G. I'm just as surprised as you guys.
Lwhit6  +   684d ago
I would buy a PS4 version of Ratchet and Clank in a heartbeat!!!
toxic-inferno  +   684d ago
I know it's not going to happen, and these images basically confirm it, but...

I SO BADLY want a Jak 4! Honestly, you'd think Sony would notice how much demand there is for that game... :P
MonChiChi  +   684d ago
Welp now we know how to kill hype for a teaser pic. Tie Insomniac to it. I sure hope this is not the case. They lost their flair years ago.
Xof  +   684d ago
The IGN preview repeatedly calls the game an "epilogue" to the Future games... which seems like a weird choice of words. If it's the third game in a trilogy, wouldn't "finale" or "final chapter" or something like that fit better?

Calling it an "epilogue" makes me think it's going to be just another 4 hour PSN affair.
Dj7FairyTail  +   684d ago
Full Frontal Assault just game out

Sony Fans get ready your dislike
Dj7FairyTail  +   684d ago
keep up the dislikes
Snookies12  +   684d ago
Why are you trolling...? There's no point in it. You should stop. Thanks.
Dj7FairyTail  +   684d ago
u mad. its the truth there been 12 games since 2012.
despair  +   684d ago

Reasoning with a troll? That never ends well. Ignoring them works better they get lonely and look for other articles to ply their trade.
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Tiqila  +   684d ago
though I like the characters I never could enjoy the gameplay of ratchet and clank games.
gdguide  +   683d ago
R&C have been used way too much IMO and milked. That said, I would LOVE to see what that series looks like on PS4 hardware. LOL.

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