Battlefield 4: What Do You Want From Commander Mode?

In a recent poll launched on the game’s website, developer DICE asks fans what features they want most from the game’s Commander Mode.

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nitrogav1864d ago

I was hoping for an option of leaving out commander mode . I think it might spoil matches where the person using the mode doesnt know how to use it to its true potential .

JsonHenry1864d ago

Couldn't be worse than team mates playing on the ground that don't work as a team.

dc7861864d ago

haha and in that case we will get to see a live battle :D

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1864d ago

idk and idc i rather just play on my console... and focusing on getting kills rather then taking my tablet out and using it ..

Neixus1864d ago

no one is stopping you for just playing commander on your console instead..? tablet is an option

JunioRS1011864d ago

TIMED reloads of airstrikes, instead of LIMITED QUANTITIES.

I feel like "the bigger weapons" shouldn't get "ammo". Like, this is the united states, everybody knows we gots da bombs.

Phene1864d ago

"Playing on my tablet – from anywhere I have a connection!" ...wouldn't that be a given? lol

Becuzisaid1864d ago

People who know what they're doing and work with the squad leaders. The end.

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