Dragon Ball Z: Battle Of Z Has What If Scenarios, Playable Characters From "Battle Of Gods" Film

Siliconera | We met with Shohei Seiki producer of Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z during Anime Expo to get more information about the upcoming fighting game. Seiki confirmed the game will have “what if” scenarios like the other Dragon Ball Z games. He wouldn’t detail any scenarios, but during the Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z panel, Vegeta’s voice actor hinted that it might be different when Goku and Vegeta meet the first time.

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project_pat361836d ago

hopefully we get the movie before the game otherwise its not going to make much sense..

Gamesgbkiller1836d ago

Rumors say its next year.

The movie in September.

SegaGamer1836d ago

There's no way we will get the movie first, Anime takes ages to make it's way out of Japan.

swishersweets200311836d ago (Edited 1836d ago )

@project_pat i read on a dbz fansite blog or whatever you want to call it or whatever that it might not come to america. not enough interest in it here i guess.. people are starting little im not sure what to call it but people are banding together to show there is interest for it here.

project_pat361835d ago

japan needs to understand the west wants this kind of shit.

Xof1835d ago

That's absurd. There's a ton of demand, else Funimation wouldn't release the whole series every other year in a new collection.