Hate me for it if you want, but I like Windows 8.1. Here’s why.

PC Gamer - Right, I’m very much aware there’s a good number of folk out there harbouring a great deal of scepticism towards Windows 8 and it’s subsequent updates and I’m likely to be vilified in the comments for saying this, but I’m still a big fan. I like the apps, don’t mind the new interface – even on a desktop rig – and it’s got a host of behind the scenes code improvements for gamers.

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Godmars2901986d ago

Or rather can I care just enough to post here that I only care this little?

xPhearR3dx1985d ago

I'm not really sure why there's so much hate for Windows 8. When I built my gaming rig, I went with Windows 8. It certainly took some getting use to, but now that I'm use to it, I really enjoy it.

Yi-Long1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

... and I don't want to have to patch and tweak it in order to get it working like a desktop OS again.

Also, unlike a phone/tablet, I have absolutely NO NEED for a touch-control screen for my desktop. Who does that!? Instead of using this convenient little mouse I have here in my hand, I'm going to bend forward all the time to touch my 27 inch monitor, to navigate my way aroun...(!)

Yeah. No. Not gonna happen. Ever.

It's just a step back from the almost perfect Windows 7. Thus stupid.

EasilyTheBest1985d ago

Yi long

You can use a mouse with Windows 8.

kane_13711985d ago

you are talking crap.
If you had even once really used windows 8 you would know that the operator is unbelievably smooth.
Barely even crashes, is able to run programs that even win 7 and vista couldn't and is without a doubt FOR PC!

What you are saying is so absurd and childish I can't even understand how low can somebody go!
You think that the touch is for you that have a Desktop?
You think that you are forced to use a phone os?

Or are you just completely hating on this because it is Microsoft?

Check me out, I am a Sony fan and in no way even like microsoft but Win 8 is the best they have done since Win ME.

honestly barely anybody even used start in Windows they changed it so many times in hopes to get people more involved with it but still it is barely used.
Right now I have a starter added to my system, still am not using it.

Win 8 is complete and I don't ever can come up with something that i would want to change it.

xPhearR3dx1985d ago


First off, what EasilyTheBest said. You can use a mouse. Second, you don't have to tweak or patch anything. Instead of clicking start, then highlighting categories and going through a whole process to reach your destination, all that can be on one screen and you simply move the mouse to the tile and click.

Instead of a start button, it's a start page. With a simple press of the Windows key you can instantly switch between your Desktop, and the start screen. I've been able to organize all my stuff on Windows 8 and make things more efficient than I ever could on Windows 7.

The OS itself, is 10x faster than I've ever experienced with Windows 7. I have a huge library of games and never once had an issue playing any of them. I think the only game that required an extra step was Just Cause 2. I had to right click>properties>run in Windows 7 compatibility. Thats it.

The fact that you think it's touch only really shows how uniformed you are about the OS and you're just basing your opinion off the "haters" on the internet. I suggest you give it a try. Are you going to be throwing your hands in the air with excitement when you first try? No, but once you understand and get use to it, you'll realize how much better it is than Windows 7.

The_KELRaTH1985d ago

Because the frontend looks like an old 2D (ascii) DOS layout in a 3D world!
Even Win95 had shadow effects!

I'm supposed to put fingerprints all over my expensive photo monitor!

Don't listen to customers but force it down their throats with
"we'll block future DX upgrades if you don't"

I'd buy Win8 if it includes a toolkit to create my own 3D (bars/menus etc) themes, and features like the ability to add multi desktops that I could switch through.

And how about an updated registry system that removes all crap when deleted rather than leaving so much junk behind that eventually your PC feels like it's coming to a stop.

kreate1985d ago

I have windows 8 and the internet explorer keeps crashing on me.

And I can't get my printer to work.

I want to downgrade to windows 7 or even vista.

Yi-Long1985d ago

... I said it was an OS that was designed for tablets and phones, thus with touch in mind, and when used on a desktop, it's just annoying and a hassle to navigate.

And yeah, I know you can use a mouse.

Pretty much every article that discussed/reviewed this OS, has mentioned that while it's a good OS, especially 'under the hood', it's also a step back for most people who just want to work in a desktop-area.

Not to mention some apps not working for the 'classic' mode and such, and vice versa.

I'm not someone who hates MS. I've loved Windows for many years. I even really loved Vista, which never caused me any problems.

But from everything I've read about Windows 8, it just seems like a step back, or at least a step in the wrong direction, for someone like me who thought Windows 7 was already pretty damn perfect.

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dedicatedtogamers1986d ago

PC Gamer also gave Dragon Age II a 94/100 score, so...yeah.

CrossingEden1985d ago

because besides the reptitive environments, dragon age 2 was a good game that just couldn't satisfy the feeling of playing the first game -_- a review score doesn't make someone else's opinion invalid, grow up

Hicken1985d ago

And somebody being skeptical of another based on past reference isn't immature. Get some perspective.

SnakeCQC1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

it differed too much from origins and didnt take do the whole choices thing like me or in any real way. That being said dragon age 2 was okay but should have been a side game

gamernova1985d ago

I liked windows 8 way more than 8.1. The new update sucks ass and takes so much away from what 8 tried to accomplish. People are so unwilling to adapt. So sad.

CoLD FiRE1985d ago

What is it that Windows 8 had that 8.1 doesn't? Windows 8.1 improves upon 8 in every possible way. I like Windows 8 as it is but there were a few issues that were addressed in 8.1 and it's a welcome upgrade.

gamernova1985d ago

First, the start button wasn't needed before and now it's there. I was completely fine without a start button. It's so easy to go to the UI and type whatever you want to find and the transition was smoother say when I wanted to access my control panel. Now I have to run down to the main search because I have to skip over the suggestions the UI think are the ones I am looking for. I know it's still in the beta stages but I am giving my honest opinion as of now. Of course my opinion on the beta is not representative of the final project.

dazzrazz1985d ago

How can you adapt to something which was designed for fucking touch screens ! I don't want to look at clusterfuck of 3-5 inches big tiles every time I turn on my PC

badkolo1985d ago

this tells me you never used it, trolling once again, click on taskbar, click properties then navigation, check, the box that says start with desktop not tiles and there you go, you dont ever have to see them again, problem F'en solved

xPhearR3dx1985d ago

If you knew the slightest bit about Windows 8, you'd know you can right click and select small tiles.

gamernova1985d ago

There is a setting that starts your computer on desktop mode. I love the tiles! I think they look very pretty.

humbleopinion1985d ago

What does 8.1 take away? Seems like an improvement

Not that I have any problem with Windows 8: actually it's by far the most most powerful, stable and power-user friendly I've ever worked with - a big improvement over 7.
It's not an OS I'd recommend to my grandma over her good old XP, or to any other conservative person having hard time to adjust to a new OS and simply wants to play solitaire and read emails.

So far the only problem I had was with the start menu: the full screen presentation it's obviously much better than the crammed start menu of Win95 days, but for some reason MS insisted we will boot directly to it instead of the desktop. Finally with 8.1 we have the ability to boot to desktop directly, and only launch the start menu when needed.

gamernova1985d ago

I really wish I could take away the start button but actually I have seen some of the benefits of having it there. Right clicking it enables control of a lot of the windows features like device manager and so on. My only true gripe is that the UI search is not as smooth as it was in windows 8. It is the beta stage so these things are subject to change I suppose but it is not that bad. I am stating to like the little fish lol

Agent_hitman1985d ago

PC gaming is great, I'm a Pc gamer as a matter of fact.

But meh, Windows 8 for gaming?, maybe it's okay... For high end PCs but for old Quad core or Dual core PCs, I think it's not ideal..

Look at Win8's UI it's animated, I bet it consumes a lot of processing power as well.

FragMnTagM1985d ago

You are a PC gamer and you think Windows 8 is a resource hog? LMAO

It took the same hardware I used for Windows 7 and made my computer run faster in every way imaginable, e.g. startup, loading of games, transfer of files, and so on.

I am a gamer and I love gaming on Windows 8.

Revvin1985d ago

I'm planning an upgrade soon, I've already tried Windows 8 on my quad core mid range system and didn't like it but I still have my disk and I'm thinking about giving Windows 8 another go when I upgrade. Windows 8 was a step too far too soon. I believe Microsoft should have introduced the Metro interface as an option rather than force it upon users.

Right from the release users should have been able to boot to classic desktop with the same old Start bar they are used to. In time users would have tried Metro, had a play with it and curiosity and the thought of perhaps being a little cutting edge would have had users adapt over time and by Windows 9 Metro would have been far more widely accepted and tweaked by Microsoft to suit desktop users from feedback they gained from Windows 8. Instead they took a mobile touchscreen UI and forced it upon desktop users.

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