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PS4 controller vs PS3 controller - Hands-on

Many sites are praising the DS4 as the best conttroller ever, so what are all the improvements?, watch this video for a face off with the DS3 (Next-Gen, PS4)

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sigfredod  +   445d ago
Looks sexy, cannot wait to have it on my claws
CrimsonStar  +   444d ago
LOL have it on my claws??? lol wut? I know we sometimes type things hastily on n4g , but lol come on .

On topic: I agree I also cant wait to "GET MY HANDS ON IT" .

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HappyWithOneBubble  +   444d ago
Well some people have claws

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spaceg0st  +   443d ago
What a deuschy response
PopRocks359  +   444d ago
PS4, excellent upgrade and obvious winner.
pyramidshead  +   444d ago
Looks like a vast improvement. Although, I didn't have many of the problems a lot of people had with the DS3, so to me it's just a decent upgrade for the new system.
SynestheticRoar  +   444d ago
They set out to make the DS4 better than DS3, and they succeeded.
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ape007  +   444d ago
it looks super amazing
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DigitalRaptor  +   444d ago
Fantastic. That familiar setup but with drastic changes in ergonomics. What was the phrase? It "melts into your hands like ice cream into the grooves of Belgian waffles".
ScamperCamper  +   438d ago
I'm sure some of you have heard this already. The light on the front of the controller cannot be turned off if you're looking to save battery life. http://www.ps4accessories.c... Beyond that, since the story broke, apparently game developers can program the option of turning it off. Guess that helps a bit.

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