PS4 controller vs PS3 controller - Hands-on

Many sites are praising the DS4 as the best conttroller ever, so what are all the improvements?, watch this video for a face off with the DS3
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sigfredod1476d ago

Looks sexy, cannot wait to have it on my claws

CrimsonStar1475d ago (Edited 1475d ago )

LOL have it on my claws??? lol wut? I know we sometimes type things hastily on n4g , but lol come on .

On topic: I agree I also cant wait to "GET MY HANDS ON IT" .


spaceg0st1474d ago

What a deuschy response

PopRocks3591475d ago

PS4, excellent upgrade and obvious winner.

pyramidshead1475d ago

Looks like a vast improvement. Although, I didn't have many of the problems a lot of people had with the DS3, so to me it's just a decent upgrade for the new system.

SynestheticRoar1475d ago

They set out to make the DS4 better than DS3, and they succeeded.

1475d ago
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