Licensed Wii U Indie Devs Get Unity Pro For Free

It appears Nintendo is dialing down some of the roadblocks in order to accommodate the actual growth of gaming.

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jcnba281871d ago (Edited 1871d ago )

Nintendo are really catering to the Indie's this gen and that's fantastic news! More games!

Neonridr1871d ago

absolutely, here's hoping the indies flock to the system. There are some awesome indie titles already on the Wii U, and if Nintendo can have some high quality first party software coupled with some great indie titles, it could easily help make up for some of the lacking AAA multi-platform titles not showing up.

jcnba281871d ago

Same here. I'm particularly looking forward to 90's Arcade Racer. Looks like a real old school arcade racer.

The_Truth_24_71871d ago

Still won't help them in their downward spiral.

--Onilink--1871d ago

yeah i know... just look at the 3DS... its been nothing but a downhill road for it since those launch issues.. -_-"

Neonridr1871d ago

let's see how fast you end up with 1 bubble..

Myst1871d ago

Here's hoping this will really help the Soul Saga guy and get more people to join :D