Epic Working on “New and Existing IPs”, Next Gen “Unannounced Competitive Online Action Game”

Epic Games seems to be gearing up for the new generation, at least if we have to believe the company’s careers page.

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Abriael1987d ago

That's what it sounds like, but with some RPG elements added in.

DeadlyFire1986d ago

What else does Epic make dude?

1987d ago
RedDeadLB1986d ago

I sure hope so. I miss UT.

Funantic11987d ago

Probably some X1 exclusives.

Abriael1987d ago

Doubt Epic is going to go the exclusive way anymore. Money for third parties is on multiplat nowadays.

Unless they got moneybagged, of course. But if I was Microsoft I'd moneybag them for another Gears instead.

Sykoticz1987d ago

Gears has lost its spark. After they trashed the multiplayer to what it is now most of the community has left it.

georgeenoob1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )


Yea, cause a next-gen gears of war doesn't sound appealing at all and no one will give it attention because of the past gears of war. LOL

Funantic11987d ago

Well MS does have the money to pay for exclusives. PS users always got to wait for the good stuff like the Call of Duty map packs and Titanfall. I don't want play old stuff that's been out forever...stuff I got to read and hear about but can't play. PS3 users just got the 2nd Uprising maps and 360 users are already playing the 3rd Vengeance maps. By the time the PS3 gets the last map pack the newest Call Of Duty will be coming out. Then the X1 is getting Titanfall (6 awards) and PS4 users are hoping to get that not knowing for sure. They got to wait at least a year if they even get it at all. If they did luck up and get it by then X1 will already either have Titanfall 2 on the way or have plenty of map packs already. SMH. What's the point in waiting for everything? PS4 really is next gen because they got to wait to next time.

The Great Melon1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )


Agreed. My friend and I struggled to finish the 3rd Gears of War game as it just felt like more of the same. It just seemed like gameplay never evolved beyond the framework of the first game. I can't speak for the multiplayer though since I never played it.

dantesparda1986d ago


COD map packs and Titanfall, LOL!



Shouldn't had hold your breath for so long waiting for MGS4 in Xbox 360 kid, it obviously caused you some brain damage.

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AngelicIceDiamond1987d ago


I doubt it, unless one of them is Gears. And we know Gears is taking a vacation.

Funantic11986d ago

Epic had very little to do with the development of the last gears of war. People Can Fly (BulletStorm) designed that. Yes the last Gears sucked mainly because of the multiplayer. No horde mode really sucked for me. But the Gears Of War fan base is still existent because of the success of the first 3. Me along with many others left plenty of feedback and I think they'll bounce back. Most of the time if a game has a series or parts at least 1 or 2 will suck or not be as good. I can't think of a game that came out more than 3 times and all were that great.

DeadlyFire1986d ago

You do know that People Can Fly is owned by Epic Games right? So when they are working on current IPs it could be either or working on it. They want them to be a successful developer.

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Belking1987d ago

Will be exclusive to xbox.

FrigidDARKNESS1987d ago

Talk from the video game underground The Infiltrator demo will be shown on the xb1 full resolution at Gamescom 2013.

ThatCanadianGuy5141987d ago

Oh yeah.I completely forgot about that demo.Hope it turns out to be a full game.So much potential!

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