Ouya launch game highlights

Joystiq - There are over 200 games available on the Ouya right now. I obviously haven't played all of them, but there are definitely a few gems to be unearthed. For those who picked up the new console, or are looking for more information not covered in our exhaustive review, I put together a list of some of Ouya's best games. The short version: If you want to get the most out of your new toy, you should get some friends together.

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maniac761985d ago

That first trailer one looks cray fun.i mean for the price buy ey.but not old slow tech ouya lol.ill wait for quad core 2 gb android home console lol

NexGen1985d ago

Launch highlights? This is like broadcasting kindergarten basketball highlights on the sports section of the news.

sdozzo1985d ago

Anything that takes off will end up on Steam anyways.