The Good, the bad and the fiddly: Nintendo’s UI

The reason I love Nintendo, is the games. Often the hardware too, but mostly the games. They are experts at crafting consistently imaginative gaming experiences.

However if there’s one area they are not experts in, it’s creating consistently friendly user interfaces for their consoles.

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gamer421966d ago

I'm a person who likes to keep things organized, and I can't tell you how much grief the 3DS UI has given me.

Xof1966d ago


At least you can organize stuff into folders on the 3DS. The WiiU just forces you to toss everything on-screen at once.

gamer421966d ago

Huh. I've never noticed that option...
I am slow....
But on the bright side you made my 3DS alot better. The thing I do on the wii U is use each page for a certain thing. (I.E one for virtual console, one indies, one for video services, etc.)

Dj7FairyTail1966d ago

Folders been there since 2011

--Onilink--1966d ago

Folders!! I want folders for the love of god Nintendo. They should have done that a long time ago

RinkyDinkyDan1966d ago

Don't you find the 3DS folders a little ugly, and hard to label effectively? I guess this will be more of an issue as the Wii U library gets larger.

Dj7FairyTail1966d ago

Not really.
Top Screen Shows the Full Name of the Folder and Touch Screen only show the first letter.

The Folders are great.

Wni01966d ago

i cant even stand looking at that screenshot