SCEA talks about PS4 launch title Knack

When Sony's PlayStation 4 launches later this year, it'll have with it something vaguely familiar for those who remember the launch of the original PlayStation 18 years ago: a game featuring designer Mark Cerny's handiwork.

Back then, the game was Crash Bandicoot. This Autumn, that game will be Knack.

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abzdine1967d ago

i want this game and Cerny has my support!

Cryptcuzz1967d ago

Me too man. I am glad there is a more light hearted game upon launch.

Dunpeal1967d ago

cool that they're trying to offer variety, but personally I will pass on this one

TheGrimReaper00111967d ago

Im gonna get downvoted for this but I gotta say
The game just underwhelmes me.
I know it's a mixture of some of my fav games
I know it's but Marc Cerny
But I dont know what it is
It just looks so ... unimpressive
Maybe it's just a game you gotta play to really get the idea? I mean, Little Big Planet was also underwhelming, but I love LBP2 and LBP vita