Attack On Titan - Fan-made prototype game available now, powered by Unity 3D

DSOGaming writes: "As you are probably already aware of, we love Attack On Titan. And since an official game is not coming anytime soon, we can solely rely on what indie game developers - or modders - can come up with in order to satisfy our need for such a game and experience what it's like to kill a Titan."

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Qrphe1971d ago

I've been playing this for the last two days, it's great!

Shadonic1971d ago

Glad this games getting some recognition, Hopefully he will add onto it.

Trunkz Jr1971d ago

Looks horrible, but it does show that the series does need an actual game.

Shadonic1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

look at gameplay from the creator, Its like he's the actual Mikasa from the Anime. Also what would you expect from a fan made game from a series that Just recently popped up as one of the years most popular anime. I recommend you try it and learn it and play it before you judge it. People also said that state of decay looked horrible and look where its at now.

Aces171971d ago

Didn't know this show had any real popularity. I love it and hope to try this game.

Shadonic1971d ago

Yea its way popular, remindes me of when Naruto came out in the US and everyone started to really get into anime and stuff.

WildArmed1971d ago

Very cool, both the kill 31 (!!!) titans game and that recreation of 3D maneuver gear in 2nd life.

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