Battlefield 4 – Operation Metro and Caspian Border Most Likely to Be Remade in Second Assault DLC

MP1st - Fan favorite Battlefield 3 maps like Operation Metro and Caspian Border might be sneaking their way into Battlefield 4 via the game’s recently announced expansion, Second Assault.

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Neixus1972d ago

noshar canals will probably be in, almost the only map people play TDM on

Mister_V1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

I'm surprise Nose Hair Canals isn't right up there with Op Metro. I bet if they looked at the stats, it'd be neck and neck with Metro as most-played map.

Also. Kharg Island. Would work perfectly with BF4's focus on amphibious warfare.

Lilrizky1971d ago

Yeah that is my guess:

Op metro
Caspian border
Kharg island
Noshar canals/ op firestorm

Only maps that I can play on servers nowadays and they each offer a variety in
Environments, size and gameplay, which id be happy with

Wenis1971d ago

Gulf of Oman is the only fun map to play in BF3 in my opinion. Ironically its a BF2 map... though I do play on Nose Hair Canals TDM, and do napalm runs with the parachute and C4

titletownrelo1971d ago

to be honest, i dont want JUST BF3 maps re-done, they are far too fresh in my mind. For battlefield 3 they remade maps from battlefield 2, so logically Battlefield Bad Company 2 should be up next.

for BF4, DICE should remake 2 our favorite BC2 maps and 2 of our favorite BF3 maps with Frostbite 3 and bring back the AT4, XM8 variants, and the mounted turrets.

USA0071971d ago

It would be awesome to see some BC2 maps come back! Pretty much all of them were well balanced and fun to play on

1971d ago
3-4-51971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

I just started first one and so far Kharg Island is BY FAR the best map in the game.

I can't stand Firestorm or Norshal canals for some reason though. It ends up being all vehicles.

I'm playing on xbox 360 though so I'm sure the added players (32vs32) would help that out.

The battles and firefights that go on between B & C on Kharg Island Conquer is amazing and everything I thought a Military FPS could be.

Metro is good, but on Conquer you don't even use the park. I didn't even know of the park until I accidentally played a Rush map and was like "wtf is this map!"

If metro, they need to open it up a bit more. \

Caspian is hit or miss. Sometimes games are awesome, sometimes slow and extremely slow because of the long distance plus reliance on vehicles. Still a good map though, but both could use some touching up in terms of layout.

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WorldGamer1972d ago

Project metro got annoying at times, especially when you spawned down in the subway. I hope they do something to make the map more balanced. Otherwise, great choices for remakes.

Mutant-Spud1971d ago

Agreed but it's still one of my favourite Rush maps, I love a war of attrition.

BX811971d ago

I thought metro was the crappiest map in BF3. It reminds me of a COD map.

Truehellfire1971d ago

Yeah, I absolutely hate Metro. Anytime that map comes up in rotation I just leave and go find another server. Caspian Border would be pretty cool though.

Hufandpuf1971d ago

I bet if they fused the undergound portion with siene crossing's winding street overhead, it'd be awesome. but I don't want to play bf3 maps, they need to bring some more BF2 maps like Highway Tampa.

Lockon1971d ago

It was to be expected that Caspian and Metro would be In. I hope Grand Bazaar makes it in.

MysticStrummer1971d ago

Already talking about DLC...


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