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Submitted by sherimae2413 960d ago | news

The Treasures In The Dragon’s Crown Famitsu DX

There’s the Dragon’s Crown art book bundle for North America and a more elaborate 10,290 yen ($105) Famitsu DX pack just for Japan.

On top of Dragon’s Crown for either PlayStation 3 or PlayStation Vita you get a tapestry of the Sorceress character drawn by Vanillaware, two clear posters (one shows monsters, the other shows heroes), and a Dragon’s Crown mug. The bundle also includes the Dragon’s Crown Artworks book which is a pre-order bonus in the West.

Dragon’s Crown is slated for release on August 6 in North America and July 25 in Japan. (Dragon's Crown, PS Vita, PS3)

Arai  +   960d ago
Thanks Sheri, going to cancel my order on Amazon and get this edition instead.
sherimae2413  +   960d ago
your welcome ^_^ this game is also on my must-have vita games for this year

i want that tapestry too
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Veneno  +   960d ago
Does anyone know if you can somehow customize your character's look through out the game? Whether you pick clothes or upgrade equipment?
despair  +   960d ago
I think weapons and shields change when you equip different ones but not sure about clothes. I do know you can do some customization, just not sure how much.
rextraordinaire  +   960d ago
Weapons change according to what is equipped, and you have a choice of color palette when you create a character. If I remember correctly, each character has something like 5-6 different palettes.

If they are to include additional costumes, I suppose this will come as DLC. Given each frame of a character's animation has been drawn by hand, creating alternate costumes surely takes a good deal of time and work.

There you go, three different elves :)

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FamilyGuy  +   960d ago
Clothes only have color variations but you see the different weapons they wield based on what you've picked up and have equipped.
Xer0_SiN  +   960d ago
i hope were able to upgrade costumes. cause even though i like ass and titties as much as the next guy, i think the novelty will wear out quickly when actively progressing to do some ogre, dragon, evil wizards, trolls, troglodytes, lich slaying. what im trying to say is, give us a choice to upgradeable costumes, hell make it some dlc. i like variety >=). i will take all the concept art though LOL.
despair  +   960d ago
Wish I could get this Special Edition, but the preorder artbook will have to suffice.

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