After the Xbox 180, Can we Trust Microsoft?

gamrReview's Gordon Bryant: "Microsoft has a solid lineup, but in the end it's just not enough to overcome the sour taste they've left in my mouth due to this whole ordeal. Their push to limit consumer ownership makes me think that even if I bought one, they'd only find a way to ruin it for me, so I'd rather play it safe."

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XboxDone1730d ago

Apparently there is a lot of people out there who want to be watched while playing their inferior multiplats.

allformats1730d ago

The simple is no. They will implement DRM again. Remember, Microsoft never said that they wouldn't implement this again... People are too trusting.

Mr_Nuts1730d ago

Basicaly they are doing it to get people to buy one first, let the install base grow and then do it. Once they've made their money back they wont give a s***

Runa2161730d ago

If they implement DRM after claiming no DRM is possible, then that's worthy of an "Other OS" type lawsuit. I certainly hope it doesn't come to that.

user55757081730d ago

they shouldn't have been trusted after the RROD problem after they knowingly put defective 360's on the market

trying to put DRM on a home console with a mandatory check in was just the last straw. now they pull a 180 to try and save the xbox one. and all they really did was destroy part of their fan base. if they lose that multiplatform crowd they're in trouble


i agree because if they can do a day one update removing the DRM whats to say that they won't just bring it back somewhere down the road

dedicatedtogamers1730d ago

Why people would trust Microsoft after their 180 is beyond me.

Then again, why anyone thought MS would deliver on all their promises surrounding Kinect is beyond me.

Runa2161730d ago

Some people are devout. I'm not sure about what the social phenomenon is called, but humans have a natural tendency to gravitate towards what they're familiar with or what their social peers are doing. The Xbox 360 was popular not because it was good (the console had astronomically high rates of failure), but because Sony's console was far too expensive and had nothing to offer.

That's why the mobs were so aggressive, they NEEDED to convince not only others but themselves that where they were was where they needed to be; not only did they want this to be true, but on a social/primal level, it was. That's where all their friends were, so that's where they needed to be. Even late in the Xbox 360's life, when Sony had a much, much better game lineup, equal/comparable online, better features, and an equal price point, people still played on Xbox because that's what they'd grown to become accustomed to.

That is why some people would have gladly bought an Xbox One. "I'm on Xbox, I will continue to support Xbox. After all, I have internet and live in the US, I can actually use the console without issue!"

Well, I imagine this generation is going to be something special. With both consoles touting Blu ray drives, 8 gigs of ram, similar performance and architecture, and game lists, it'll be fun to see who comes out on top based on exclusives, features, and options.

(Actually, some say the PS4 has 50% more processing capabilities).

Smoovekid1730d ago

But,but....... The cloud makes it more powerful /s

Cam9771730d ago (Edited 1730d ago )

Nice name. I personally won't be getting the Xbone because I see no reason to do so. Not only is it inferior to the well-priced PS4, but Microsoft are evident liars so I wouldn't ever trust them, moreover, they put profit before the consumer - that's a large "no-no" in my books, I'll never give them a dime. They also cut the exclusive support.
No thanks.

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MrSwankSinatra1730d ago

hell no, whats to stop them from implementing the DRM back into the xbox one. they'll probably get every gamer through the user end agreement. because we all know no one reads the user end agreements, they just go straight to agree.

DxTrixterz1730d ago (Edited 1730d ago )

No we can't trust them. If they did a 180 so easily they can do another 180 to bring all this crap drm back. They say they did this 180 because of people's feedback. That is bull****. They only did it because they noticed how much PS4 was destroying them with pre-orders. Once they get enough pre-orders and release X1 they'll do 180 again bringing all bad policies back. If they bring this all drm things back then I don't care anymore. I'm sure everybody noticed how I was bashing X1 in my comments here on N4G before 180. Now now so much but still. I will never forgive them for trying to screw me. As I was their customers for quite long time and that's how they tried to treat me. At least I'm thankful that they still somehow care about physical gaming. I've been a gamers for 7 years now and I've was always playing using physical method. That is play game (yes used evil me like buying used gvames is bad) put it in a console and play. Although I do some digital gaming it is not my main gaming method and will probably will never become one. Still after all this I will not forgiv them and me and my money will go to Sony and PS4.

Cam9771730d ago

They probably will revert the changes when they've made their money back. They've lied before and put profits before the consumer. They're a bad company.

Wizziokid1730d ago

no. This just shows MS have no idea what they are doing and can't stick to plans.

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