Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Beta is live once again for PC/PS3

Did you somehow missed the opportunity to play the Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn beta last week? If so, now is the time to finally play as the beta phase 3 for the MMO is live once again for the weekend.

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FlameHawk1401d ago

I really wish I got a beta, this game really looks awesome, it actually feels like a Final Fantasy game now.

Celeras1401d ago

Don't sweat it. While it may LOOK like a Final Fantasy game now, apparently three years, local datacenters, and a relaunch wasn't long enough for the developers to figure out how to fix the games lag.

Firan1401d ago (Edited 1401d ago )

There was some problems last week which is understandable since it was the first time they used NA/EU servers. Plus it's a beta what do you expect? A demo that has no bugs?

Celeras1400d ago

That might be an acceptable answer if the original version of the game didn't have the same exact problem for years of its horrible launch.

Anyone who thinks they're capable of fixing this is just delusional at this point.

MikeyDucati11401d ago

Man, I keep checking my email. C'mon yall, I want in.

pedrof931401d ago

They have send the email to me about a week ago.

FamilyGuy1401d ago

downloadthe E3 video of the PS store, that's how i got in.

They send you the code through PM.

MikeyDucati11401d ago

Ok thanks you all. I filled out an app but now I will definitely download the video...

waltyftm1401d ago

I got in because I downloaded the E3 vidoe of the PS store, its pretty good so far.