Microsoft, You Marketing Beauty

An opinion article via in which the author addresses Microsoft's DRM policy changes, who we should be thankful to, the ramifications of these changes as well as the biggest losers of this change.

Quote: "I can’t believe you, Microsoft. You know, you really had me going, there.

I feel like that disappointed person who thought that their partner had forgotten their anniversary, only to come home late that evening having resolved to climb into bed and block out the world at the soonest possible opportunity, to discover rose petals lining the floor, scented candles everywhere, and a romantic dinner awaiting me. And then rigorous, passionate sex thereafter… what?

The elation is unreal. The relief, palpable. "

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VoiceMale2007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

IMHO am not sure sony fanboys nor ex-xbox fans had anything to do Majorly with the changes in polices with the xb1 DRM situation...they were actually making fun of MS, XB1 and xbox fans.they were not demanding changes, but rather using that angle to recruit members of the playstation nation so to speak...and the ex-xbox fans wouldn't jump ship so quickly they would have waited till the last minute like Jack Dawson from titanic who was on the bow of that ship until it hit that cold freezing water

as for me , i had nothing to do with the changes either, i was actually ok with the DRM because it never did affected but but, not because it never affected me i had to be all defensive of all that was XB1...i remained objective and preferred if many more can experience or found comfort owning a console that i found interesting.

now it has changed and xb1 is dedicated to ONE and ALL, an ALL in ONE device that have relinquish restrictions, so to speak, for the better for everybody have regained the grounds as it have with this gen consoles, but in the process lost some very cool features.

the media wants to take credit for the changes as well, but, they are also in the minority for the changes....really most of what the media was doing was creating panic and misinforming readers with EVIL is among us articles...they outnumbered factually and informative articles by like 9:1...every websites were looking for hits and bloggers started conspiracy theories with so many insiders info it was getting crazy.

heck even when the info was released by MS they were still articles released the same hour ranting about how the damaged has been done, and its too late and its still $100 more than ps4.....really?how can damage be done on something has not even been released to the public?its not like it was already release and they were just now patching it in.. they will always be somebody willing enough to step in the water to get it right back muddy and murky...

So really who we should be thanking is the power of money, marketing and share holders...cause whether u admit it or not xb1 was still gonna be a force to recon with despite DRM...its just better off without it so that in the end it brings MORE profit.

what i will admit is that collectively every factor had some effect but no single one had more influence, yes even the guy complaining that was never gonna buy xb1 anyways,were just incentive to reap more to me what is boils down to is MONEY and that is the majority influence of that decision

is it wrong?no after all this is a business venture now a Non profit organization or charity..all must benefit