Microsoft has 'no plans' to revisit Xbox One's $499 price

Even as the company backtracks on its unpopular game-sharing policy, a company exec tells CNET that it won't budge on the price for the console, some $100 more than the rival PlayStation 4.

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bicfitness1884d ago

For weaker hardware. This and the camera is why they will continue to struggle. The yield issues won't help come launch either.

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XabiDaChosenOne1884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

Yup, their policies may have changed (for now) but their philosophies haven't. They are still that atrocious, rancorous company who is trying to rule the world with their dictator esque persona. They have backed down for now because of the heat of the moment but if you think this is their last attempt to enslave the consumer you're a fool.

hennessey861884d ago

But the most graphically impressive games were on the Xbox one in my opinion, kill zone shadow fall is the best looking ps4 game but according to digital foundry it drops as low as 25 fps.................and drive club looks nothing like the screen shots. I think the gap between the two consoles has been greatly exaggerated, but only time will tell.

wenaldy1884d ago

Yup, thx to Xbox One "Devkit" running on Nvidia GTX.

gamertk4211884d ago

So apparently time won't tell?

Cernunnos1884d ago

You havent even seen a Xbox One game yet. You've seen PC versions running on i7s and 780GTX. Multiple times more powerful than the Xbox One will ever be.

HacSawJimThugin1884d ago

Silly fanboy. Wasn't the ps3 suppose to be this all powerful console god(I see you cell) also? MS continues to outsell Sony every month with weaker hardware yet you are positive that the X1 is inferior...ha. Keep drinking that Kool aid son.

Horsepower doesn't matter if the driver can't handle the car.

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darkequitus1884d ago

Well, they did say they weren't going to change their mind about DRm

NegativeCreep4271884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

As far as I'm concerned, EVERYTHING IS ON THE TABLE NOW.

PS4: It only changes Xbox One(eighty)'s policies.

Transporter471884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

I wonder how much money they lost to invest on DRM research that has been thrown out the window. Do you think they will also throw away more money because of Kinect. They will not change it at least not for this fiscal year.

Do you not remember EAs reason to lose their Online passes which was DRM they lost money and it just alienated their consumers.

PraxxtorCruel1884d ago

Well I wouldn't exactly say it is lost money, perhaps in the future when DRM does somehow manage itself to be successfully implemented for them it will be a matter of plug and play I guess?

younglj011884d ago

You brought up an nice question about MS DRM research cost.Xbox One was build from the ground up based on DRM.For MS too abandon their plans is going too cost Xbox One owners in an different way because that is money they have too make back...

Goldenarmz1884d ago

i think what sucks tho is that the 100 price difference is clearly cuz of kinect, which most people dont even want... or dont want at launch. If they just sold that seperately, they could have come in at 399 price point. But no, they are forcing it on people while upping the price.

gamertk4211884d ago

It's integrated into the hardware's OS. Plus, it will sell big time to the soccer mom crowd.

Stryfeno21884d ago

They will release a Kinect free version for 399USD.

tiffac0081884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

We will just have to wait for the price drop in a couple of years. Its the nature of the console business. So it will happen.

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