PS3 Condemned 2 Riddled With Sound Bugs

News from owners of Sega's bum-bashing (as in homeless folks, not anything else you dirty minded person) Condemned 2 are discovering that their PS3 iterations of the game are coming complete with a really bloody irritating bug.

It transpires that the sound is dropping out every 30 seconds or so, not exactly helping with the suspense of slowly meandering your way through those dark and dreary levels.

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TheExecutive3678d ago

I am glad I got this through gamefly. Its rediculous and annoying.

Ghoul3678d ago


nice one guys i tryed to submit this news and it failed approval

now some whatever website posts this as "news" and then it goes through .......


Martini3677d ago

Negative news for certain brand of console are not welcome around here and thus they get censored out by a "certain" members of this site. It's quite sad actually.

Rikitatsu3678d ago

i didn't encounter any bugs at all

TheExecutive3678d ago

i get the glitches in the sound about every 35 seconds, its terrible. Glad I just rented it!

Jinxstar3678d ago

I haven't had any issues either... Odd...

gambare3678d ago

I didn't had any sound issues neither, it's funny, maybe it's with some PS3?

Stryfeno13678d ago

What is wrong with companies rushing out buggy games lately? These companies need to start doing their job right.

sak5003678d ago

Man, if all games are buggy on a system, then not all devs are to blame. Sony designed a bluray player and threw in game playing capability at the last moment. Buggy and krappy hardware.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3678d ago

There have been more than just a few games with bugs like framerate issues, sound, and jaggies. If it was just a couple here and there that would be ok, but the list of buggy games is getting longer for multiplatform games.

DARK WITNESS3678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

well the simple answer is because we keep buying them. The publishers need their money invested back as fast as possible and by the given time.

The devs know they can sell it and just patch it latter, job done ! it will still sell because we are fools and suckers for a crappy game that needs patching up.

it makes the game feel more.....Alive.. when every other month you are downloading patches and new " guns ". it gives you a reason to go back to it and show it some more love....

sorry, i wish there was more we could do about it, but i think until we stop buying these crap games the devs just wont get the message.

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zainkis3678d ago

what' up with all the bugs... >.> and they are all mainly on ps3 x.x

Truplaya3678d ago

its pretty disgusting that they release a game unfinished. Its gonna be Bully all over again.

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The story is too old to be commented.