Killzone Mercenary Dev: 'We've Not Compromised On Anything'

NowGamer: Tom Jones, art director at Guerilla Cambridge, says "We've applied the same methodology and same commitment and work levels as we would if it was being developed for PS3 or PS4."

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Shredmeijster1798d ago

Beh, all these articles about K:M...
It's driving me nuts!

GdaTyler1798d ago ShowReplies(4)
imXify1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

Native res, best graphics, looks pretty fluent.

You guys did a seriously good job on this game !


cpayne931798d ago

Even better than all that is the gameplay. The ability to buy weapons and gadgets, then play levels based on your preferred playstyle? Yes please.

GreenRanger1798d ago

Hopefully you can throw grenades without dragging your finger around the screen.

Genuine-User1798d ago

You can. Just tap the grenade icon and aim it anywhere you want with the analog stick.

tubers1798d ago

It's better.

Press "down" button for quick grenade.

That's right! A good option.

Here's the official button and virtual button "layout":

Shredmeijster1798d ago

What Genuine-User said, you can select it with the touch screen, and throw it with the R button as if it is a seperate weapon, as the grenade-throwing should be. ;)

DA_SHREDDER1798d ago

There better be more than 8 maps at launch. Oh and I hope they expand on Operations mode. KZ3 would is a beast, even more so had it more support.

tubers1797d ago

There's only 6 confirmed for launch.

CBaoth1797d ago

unless they're Killzone 2 size maps. Some of those KZ3 ones were no bigger than the old Socom days. For comparison's sake, Socom2 launched with 22 (albeit 10 were variants from the original).

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