Mozilla Executive Acknowledges Browser is not Compliant with Acid3

A Mozilla Corp. executive, while acknowledging that the company's browser is not as compliant with Acid3 as its rivals, called the test "a puzzle game" and said Mozilla would press ahead with work on Firefox 3 rather than devote resources to improving its Acid3 score.

Acid3, which was finalized earlier this month by the Web Standards Project, checks how closely a browser follows certain standards, particularly specifications for Web 2.0 applications, as well as standards related to the DOM (Document Object Model), CSS2 (Cascading Style Sheets) and SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics).

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Lord Anubis3740d ago (Edited 3740d ago )

I believe this is the reason they don't care much about Acid:

Weave extends the browser in the other direction: Not toward the desktop, but instead into the Internet. Mozilla wants an individual's browsing experience to stay with them no matter what machine they are on. That means synchronizing bookmarks, home pages, favorites, and passwords to an online service that the user can attach to when he or she fires up the browser. As more people move between browsing machines (their laptop and their mobile phone, for example, or between different PCs), this will become more important.

Firefox 3 is laying the groundwork for this. It has a new transactional database that stores user preferences and favorites. However, it won't be used for cross-browser syncing in version3; Beard hopes this extension to the database is rolled out in Firefox 4.

Firefox 3 users will, though, experience some online services being fed into their browser. For example, Mozilla will update all running browsers every 30 minutes with malware signatures, to stave off drive-by downloads and phishing scams.

Beard wants the new online/offline, browser/service to be more intelligent on behalf of its users. Early examples of this intelligence include the "awesome bar," which is what Mozilla calls the new smart address bar in Firefox 3. It offers users smart URL suggestions as they type based on Web searches and their prior Web browsing history. He's looking to extend on this with a "linguistic user interface" that lets users type plain English commands into the browser bar. Beard pointed me towards Quicksilver and Enso as products he's cribbing from.

Beard said the Labs are playing with other "crazy ideas," but that Prism and Weave technologies are are being targeted at the next version of Firefox.

but i do hope they pass the Acid test since all the other competitors have.

xplosneer3740d ago

IE7 fails horribly, and IE8 screws the colors but isn't as bad, but niether passes.
I run IE8 as main browser, so that isn't a fanboy comment either.

verb3k3739d ago

Weave is being researched at
They also have nice other experiments like Prism.

Kholinar3739d ago

All that's cool, but compatibility with standards is far more important. Without that it we get the same thing as we had with IE, web designers designing for Firefox's quirks at the expense of all other competition. That's a bad world, because it means that someone like firefox can sit on their laurels knowing that they have a false advantage.

Mozilla's upset now because of the timing. They were to late in their development cycle and now they don't want to put the time into it. The problem with that is that Acid tests are released once all major browsers have passed the previous one. So once IE8 passed Acid2, the W3 released Acid3. So W3 had little to do with the timing, and Safari's not complaining that 3.1 or 3.0 didn't get time to comply.

I like the Mozilla foundation's products, especially Camino (like a Firefox for the Mac, but without the ugly widget compromise) but this is pretty sad on their part.

bootsielon3740d ago

No bugs, and full compatibility with all I wanna use, it's all good

joydestroy3740d ago

whatever. my layouts looked like crap when i used the firefox 3 beta. i uninstalled it in a hurry.

craymoogy3739d ago

why do people use beta?

YoMeViet3739d ago

maybe it's your laptop's fault, just a thought...