Killzone Shadow Fall 21 minute walkthrough

Developer Guerrilla Games walks through the Killzone Shadow Fall demo shown at the PlayStation 4 Announce event live at E3.

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dedicatedtogamers1622d ago

Yeah it looks like a ton of fun! I've said it before but I'm definitely getting a Halo: Combat Evolved vibe from this game (that was my favorite Halo).

If there's co-op in Shadow Fall...that would seal the deal.

Hydrolex1622d ago

imagine what PS4 games are gonna look like 2 3 years down the road

IcyEyes1622d ago

I was just there while they showed the game and ... well, Killzone shadowfall is totally awesome to see and the gameplay is very, very powerful.

I.can' play the full game.

abzdine1622d ago

i think killzone single player were lacking intensity, and i can see that this one is more intense than ever!

Bring it on and bring a KZ2 type of multiplayer!

Greatness awaits

starchild1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

Looks great. Amazing visuals and it looks like a lot of fun to play.

Enemy1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

The girl on the box art is Echo! She's the Helghast Marshall, oh sh*t!

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CaptainFaisal1622d ago

killzone is a nice game but not a day one title for me, there are many other games that are better ( Watch Dogs, BF4, Car Club ) but i sure will buy Kz4 In december =)

VaporCell1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

I noticed at the beginning of the video when the guy is getting out of the chopper, you could see on the floor this shape from the PS4 teaser design trailer
I personally had not notice this shape before and you could see all over the floor all the way to his scanning. I wonder where is this shape located on the PS4? Did I miss it?
Edit: Here's the circle in the demo

Skate-AK1622d ago

I think that in the KZ demo they are just some kind of drain. In the teaser video it's the design of the part of the headphones that go into your ear.

VaporCell1622d ago

Being the earphones makes sense. They just look remarkably similar lol.

rajman1622d ago

Its the old demo again, why didnt they show the new demo?

Enemy1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

Did you finish watching? They're giving an incredible tech demonstration in the second half.

Edit: My god it's gorgeous.

starchild1622d ago

Yep, truly gobsmackingly beautiful.

Sanquine901622d ago

I really like this:D I hope all games turn up to be like this. We can all call gameplay above graphics but everyone loves eye candy..

SpinalRemains1622d ago

The advancements in console software and tools is very nice to see. Those minute details do add a lot of immersion simply because our eyes recognize them as natural occurrences.

The dust thing
The shadows and textures

The game looks great thus far.

theWB271622d ago

That city shot is absolutely gorgeous...

MrDead1622d ago

I would of been happy if the entire vid was just the dev player looking over the edge of the building, it was stunning.

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